Hence, to blame others or claim you’ve heard this and that from this sheikh or that hodja will have no meaning or validity after death.

Either you can choose not to believe in life after death, in which case you’re free to live as you like, provided you’re willing to face any possible consequence…

Or, if you do believe in life after death, then you must leave aside what you’ve heard at school or home, or at this mosque or from that sheikh, and find out the truth for yourself.

This is something you need to do for yourself, because it’s your life in the future!

Therefore, research is a must.

Why did the Nabi come, what does he advise and why?

Once you start searching for the answers to these questions you will begin to decipher the system…

Some who take things at a surface value claim religion is not based on a system and hence advocate the idea that religion comprises the commands of a god afar.

Intellect is the perception tool of consciousness. Something is either based on a logical system or it’s absurd and meaningless. Every part of the perceivable existence is self-evidently ordered and systematized. This is why the Quran repeatedly questions, “Will you still not think? Will you still not use your intellect? We have revealed this Quran so that you will contemplate and understand!...” And so on…

The word ‘reveal’ (inzal) denotes a dimensional revelation, the process of a reality becoming revealed to one’s consciousness. That is, it has to be understood in terms of dimensions not location. Otherwise, it would mean a physical revelation from space or from a particular location.

If the Quran wasn’t a book of the system based on logical derivations, the above verses would not have been necessary.

In any case, a book talking about chaos and illogicality would have been irrelevant for conscious and intelligent beings!

The magnificent mechanism of Allah is such a perfect system that there is absolutely no room for any form of contradiction or disorder.

If some people perceive certain things as contradictory or disordered that is the result of a lack of insight and research concerning that particular topic.

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