Translator's Preface

The Principles of Islam brings new depth and thought-provoking nuance to the meaning and hence necessity of the recommended Islamic practices, which have sadly been reduced to hollow ritualistic applications throughout the ages, drained of their real definition. 


Beginning with the real and correct meaning of the first pillar of Islam, the Word of Unity, Ahmed Hulusi shares invigorating and insightful information on salat and its specific actions, making special emphasis to the Friday prayer and how salat is an experience of ascension and uniting with Allah.


He then moves on to sharing the real definition of some of the most fundamental concepts of Islam, like servitude, fasting, almsgiving, hell and ‘the day of religion’. Moreover, he exposes the two big secrets regarding hajj, shares fascinating and intriguing secrets regarding the Kaaba and Mount Arafat and enlightens the reader about the mystery of Zamzam…


This book is recommended for those who want to move beyond the shell of the customary habitual practices and dig into their real meaning and purpose; those who are ready to dive into the ocean of the essential and mystical reality, as Yunus Emre says:



“The reality is an ocean, shariah is a boat;

Many do not dive into the ocean from this boat!...”




Istanbul, 2023

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