40. Al-Mu’min

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Ha Meem!

2. The revelation of the knowledge (about the reality and sunnatullah) is from Allah, the Aziz, the Aleem.

3. The forgiver of mistakes, the acceptor of repentance (the return to one’s essence), the One who is severe in enforcing the due consequence of an offence, the One whose favor and bounty are abundant... There is no god, only HU! The return is to Him.

4. None will dispute and argue about the signs of Allah other than those who deny the knowledge of the reality! So, do not let their (uninhibited and cheery) activity throughout the land deceive you.

5. The people of Noah denied before them, and all people who opposed the reality denied after them. Every nation intended to seize (render dysfunctional, kill) their Rasul... They fought to invalidate the Truth by spreading falsehood... So, I seized them... And how was My recompense for their mistakes?

6. Thus, the word of your Rabb, “Their place is Fire,” regarding the deniers of the knowledge of the reality has been fulfilled.

7. The carriers of the Throne and the (conscious) forces around it (the loci of the manifestation of Allah’s power) glorify (tasbih) their Rabb as His hamd (manifest the Name Hamid); they believe in Him (as their essential reality) and ask forgiveness for the believers (for their inadequacy to duly live the requisites of their essential reality) saying, “Our Rabb, You encompass all things with Your grace and knowledge... Forgive those who repent and follow Your way, and protect them from the suffering of burning!”

8. “Our Rabb... Admit them to gardens of Eden, which you have promised them, and whoever attained purity among their fathers, spouses and offspring... Indeed, You, yes You, are the Aziz, the Hakim.”

9. “Protect them from bad deeds resulting from arrogance – corporeality... And he whom You have protected is he upon whom You have indeed bestowed Your grace... That is the great attainment!”

10. Indeed, those who deny the knowledge of the reality will be told, “The hatred of Allah is greater than your hatred of yourselves... Remember, you were invited to faith, but you refused in denial!”

11. They said, “Our Rabb, you have made us die twice (the experience of separation from the body and the state of selfless existence during mahshar [see 6:94]) and brought us to life twice (with a new identity) and we have confessed our inadequacies! So, is there a way out of this state?”

12. The reason why you are in this state is: When Allah invited you to His Oneness (when you were offered to cleanse yourselves from your illusory identities), you covered (denied) it! If it were duality (to which you were invited) you would surely have believed in it... The judgment belongs to Allah, the Aliy, the Kabir (the One whose judgment of His manifest forces you cannot refuse)!

13. It is HU who shows you His signs and sends down provision (knowledge pertaining to your essence) from the heavens (to your consciousness)... But none can remember and contemplate upon this, except he who turns (to his essential reality)!

14. So, even if those who deny the knowledge of the reality detest religion, turn to Allah with the knowledge that He is the essential reality of the system!

15. He is the raiser of degrees, the owner of the Throne... He sends the spirit (the comprehension of the Names to the consciousness) from His command, to warn of the time when the Truth will be discerned!....

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