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Do We Need to Interpret Our Daily Experiences?

- When a metaphor reaches the brain or when we want to express a specific data in the brain the brain creates a form for it and that information is expressed in that form. This is what a metaphor is.

- Seeing Gabriel is a metaphor. It is a metaphor disclosed by the Rasul's (saw) brain.

- That is, when the 'force of knowledge' called Gabriel disclosed a knowledge in the brain of Rasulullah (saw).

- Gabriel is a force, a force of knowledge, that is present within the essence of the vicegerent, it is a knowledge sourced from vicegerency, and it becomes disclosed and expressed in the brain. 

- The Rasul of Allah (saw) saw this knowledge that came from Gabriel in a particular form or as a particular image based on its meaning.

- Our brain is constantly creating forms for the various Information it receives, whether from its own database or from outside making us live in a world of forms and symbols.

- Because a knowledge in our brain becomes disclosed in a particular form or image understanding that knowledge is possible by interpreting their forms.

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