44. Ad-Dukhan

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Ha (life), Meem (knowledge – the reality of Muhammad);

2. The Clear Book (the apparent sunnatullah and the knowledge of the reality).

3. We disclosed it during a blessed night (an instance of the experience of non-existence)! We are the warners!

4. The wisdom pertaining to all affairs are realized in it (in that state of ‘nonexistence’);

5. By a command from Us! We are the disclosers (of the Rasuls)!

6. As grace from the Rabb (of those who are disclosed)! Indeed, He is HU, the Sami, the Aleem.

7. The Rabb of the heavens, the earth and everything in between... If you are of those who have attained certainty!

8. There is no god, only HU, who gives life and takes life! He is your Rabb and the Rabb of your forefathers!

9. But no, they are in doubt, amusing themselves (with the worldly life).

10. Watch for the day (the time when the reality of man will become apparent) when the sky will bring a visible smoke (dukhan).

11. It will encompass the people! It is a severe suffering (for not having realized and fulfilled the requisites of the reality)!

12. “Our Rabb! Take us out of this state of suffering; we are indeed believers (now)!”

13. How is it possible for them to be contemplating and taking a lesson now? When a clear Rasul had already come to them...

14. But they turned away from him and said, “He is a well instructed madman (possessed).”

15. Indeed, We will lighten the suffering a little... (But) you will return to your old state.

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