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70 - Al-Ma'arij

"Audhu billahi minash shaytanirrajeem"

Bismi Llaahi l-raḥmaani l-raḥeem

  1. The inquisitor asked about the suffering to occur!

  2. It (the suffering of death) is for those who deny the knowledge of the reality! None can fight against it.

  3. From Allah are the (many) Ways of Ascent (dhul ma’arij)!

  4. The angels and the Spirit will return to their essence in a period (which will seem to be) of fifty thousand years (the period of time to reach Allah in their essence).

  5. So be patient with a gracious patience.

  6. Indeed, they see it (the day of suffering; death) as far!

  7. But We see it as near!

  8. That day the sky will be like molten metal.

  9. And the mountains will be like colored wool.

  10. And no friend will be in the state to call another!

  11. When they are shown to each other... To save themselves from the punishment of that period, the guilty one will want to offer his children (to the Fire) in his stead as ransom...

  12. And his wife and his brother;

  13. And his nearest kin who shelter him;

  14. And everything on earth so that it could save him!

  15. Never! Indeed, it is the Laza (smokeless flame).

  16. That peels and sears the skins!

  17. It (the Laza) invites he who turned his back and walked away (when invited to his essential reality)!

  18. And collected wealth and hoarded!

  19. Indeed, man is created with ambition and greed!

  20. When misfortune touches him he begins to cry and lament (he is intolerant)!

  21. But when good touches him, he is stingy and selfish!

  22. Except the observers of prayer (who actively experience salat)!

  23. They are in a constant state of salat (they maintain their introspective turning to Allah, their essence)!

  24. They are those within whose wealth there is a share;

  25. For those who ask for help and the deprived.

  26. They are those who confirm (believe without doubt in) the day of religion (the time of recompense)!

  27. They are those who are anxious of the punishment of their Rabb.

  28. Indeed, they have no assurance against the punishment of their Rabb!

  29. They are those who guard their sexual organs from excessiveness.

  30. Except from their wives or those their right hands possess, for which they are not to be blamed.

  31. But those who desire more than this, they are the very transgressors!

  32. They are those who are faithful to their trusts (entrusted upon man) and to their pledges (which they have given to Allah).

  33. And who stand by their testimony. (A reference to verse 3:18.)

  34. And who are steadfast in their salats (maintain their state of constant introspective turning to Allah, their essence).

  35. And who will be honored in Paradises.

  36. What is the matter with those who deny the knowledge of the reality that they rush bewildered toward you?

  37. From the right and from the left, in groups!

  38. Do they hope to enter the Paradise of Bliss?

  39. No, never! Indeed, We created them from that which they know (sperm)!

  40. By the Rabb of the easts and the wests, We are indeed powerful over all things!

  41. To replace them with those better than them... We are the irrepressible power!

  42. So, let them amuse themselves (in their worlds) until they meet the promised time!

  43. That day, they will rapidly emerge from their graves (bodies)! As though they are running towards erected idols.

  44. Their eyes humbled with terror, covered by utter humiliation... This is the time that they have been promised!

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