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Your Holographic World #5

All of the qualities of the Names are present in the brain and they are constantly manifesting through you. All of your actions, your behavior, emotions, feelings, are all qualities of the Names manifesting in your brain.

Let me give a simple example...

Right now you’re listening to me and perceiving me, why? Because the meaning of the Name as Sami in your brain is becoming manifest. The meaning behind the Name as-Sami which exists as a potential becomes manifest, its mechanism is activated and thus you perceive the things I’m telling you.

At the same time the meaning of the Name al-Basir is also active. So due to the activity of the Name al-Basir you are easily observing and evaluating the things I’m telling you. 

The stronger the name al-Basir manifests, the more you are able to evaluate and understand
my words.

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 01:06 That is, the Names, the composition of the Names is almost like an equalizer, some are little more active, some little less, and as such our behavior is formed. So at every instant it is the divine and the will of the divine that is manifesting through us.

02:18 But only Islam talks about life after death. If this hologram world you speak of isn’t going to end, then can you bring some clarity to the topic of life after death, so we may all benefit.

03:18 That is, the quantum brain, which is a cluster of data or we can call it a cluster of the divine Names, continues its function without the body, without the flesh ‘material’ brain.

04:38 With the activation and manifestation of the Name al-Hasib the phase of questioning one’s self & life will begin: “Was I a believer in Allah? What happened to me now? I came to a new dimension of existence. Perhaps I thought I would never come here but I did.

06:13 Therefore the life to which the Rasul of Allah (saw) refers as, “The grave is either a garden of paradise or a pit of hell” begins to transpire.

07:49 Thus there is a dimension of hell and a dimension of paradise. There are also many figurative and symbolic expressions in regards to paradise, each of them have different meanings, so let’s not go into that now or we’ll digress...

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