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Three Painful Truths You Will Encounter in The Grave

- “And there is none among you who He will not pass through (experience) Hell! This is, by your Rabb, a definite decree.” (19:71)

- The brain creates your experiences. Because the brain is nothing other than a composition of the names and qualities of Allah. 

- Whatever data the brain receives it checks against its already existing database and finds an entry that is closest to it and assigns a form or an image to create that thought and experience in your world.

- When you're put into the grave, in your "world of thoughts" you will face three painful truths.

- While you are in this world if you have faith that the creator is Allah and Allah does as He wills when you pass over to the afterlife you will know that all of existence is His existence and that everything you're living is administered by Him and this knowing will remove the fear of death from you.

- The meaning of the question, "What is your Book?" is what is your level of knowledge and discernment regarding this life and the realities?

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