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What Is Heart-Brain Connection?

- An important modern scientific discovery is the "gut brain" in our intestines it is made of millions of neurons, it is the brain of our intestines, yet it affects our primary brain.

- My personal understanding is that they are related to the pineal gland in the brain.

- Allah extracted you from the wombs of your mothers not knowing a thing... And He gave you perception, sight (evaluation) and hearts (the reflectors of the qualities of the Names to the brain; heart neurons) so that you may evaluate and be of the thankful ones. (16. An-Nahl: 78)

- Then He proportioned him (formed his brain such that the neurons evaluate the various wavelengths to manifest the meanings of the Names) and breathed into him from His own Spirit (the act of breathing into something goes outward from within, that is, the manifestation of the Names within the data level of the brain is referred to as ‘Allah’s spirit’ in existence... Allah knows best)... And He made for you hearing (perception), sight (vision) and hearts (the reflectors of the meanings of the Names to the brain – heart neurons)... How little you thank (evaluate)! (32. As-Sajda: 9)

- As far as I know the heart neurons have an important impact on the brain on the 120th day after conception.

- The data carried by the waves your brain decodes is decoded and evaluated based on the qualities of the Names in your brain and thus your world is formed and experienced.

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