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52 - At-Tur

"Audhu billahi minash shaytanirrajeem"

Bismi Llaahi l-raḥmaani l-raḥeem

  1. By the Mount (Mount Sinai, on which Moses encountered the reality),

  2. And the inscribed knowledge (encompassing every detail)!

  3. In a parchment unrolled (manifested in the perceivable dimension of acts).

  4. And the prosperous house (the dimension of Names comprised of the knowledge pertaining to the Absolute Essence, the Reality of Muhammad, the perfectly constructed house – the human consciousness experiencing the quality of vicegerency generating from the Names of Allah);

  5. And the raised ceiling (the knowledge that surpasses the dimension of acts),

  6. And the overflowing ocean (waves of knowledge)!

  7. Indeed, the punishment of your Rabb will occur!

  8. There is no power to repel it!

  9. At that time, the heaven (consciousness) will be bewildered!

  10. And the mountains (egos) will depart! (Your Rabb is the Baqi!)

  11. Woe to those who deny that time!

  12. (Those deniers) who now amuse themselves with (worldly imaginary) indulgences!

  13. They will be relentlessly dragged into the Hellfire at that time!

  14. (And it will be said), “This is the Fire you denied!”

  15. “So is this magic then, or do you not see?”

  16. “Dwell in the Fire! Be patient or impatient; it makes no difference for you! You are living the consequences of your deeds!”

  17. Indeed, the protected ones are in Paradises and among blessings.

  18. They rejoice with what their Rabb manifests through them! Their Rabb (the Names comprising their being) has protected them from the suffering of Hell.

  19. “Eat and drink the results of your deeds with pleasure!”

  20. Resting on couches arranged in rows... We partnered them (the conscious humans manifesting the forces of the Names) with houris (bodies with superior and clear vision [heart])!


    All expressions in the Quran of female houris are symbolic, allegoric expressions, like other metaphors pertaining to the life of Paradise. The statement ‘Math’alul jannatillatiy’ contained in various verses, which means, “The example [metaphor] of Paradise” [13:35] or “The allegoric description [metaphoric representation] of Paradise” [47:15] are indications of this truth. [Note that there is also a Hadith which states, “Allah says, ‘I have prepared for My righteous servants things which no eye has ever seen, and no ear has ever heard, and no human heart/mind has ever perceived!’” Sahih Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi]

  21. Those who believe and whose descendants followed in faith, We shall unite them with their descendants and ascendants. And We did not detract anything from what they earned... Every person is bound by the consequences of his own deeds!

  22. We provided them abundantly with fruits (of gnosis) and meat (bodily qualities with which to manifest these qualities) as they desire.

  23. They will share cups of drinks therein, which does not cause intoxication!

  24. Youthful servants (energetic forces) will circulate around them, like they are hidden pearls!

  25. And they will turn to each other and discuss their previous states.

  26. They will say, “Indeed, previously we were the terrified ones among our people.”

  27. “So Allah conferred favor upon us and protected us from the suffering of the (Hellfire; the state of burning) samum (an infusing microwave radiation)!”

  28. “Indeed, we used to turn to Him before this! Indeed, He is the Barr, the Rahim.”

  29. So, remind (my Rasul)! By the favor of your Rabb, you have not been disclosed as a soothsayer or one that is possessed!

  30. Or do they say, “He is a poet... Let us wait and see how his end will be”!

  31. Say, “Then wait! Indeed, I too am of those who are waiting!”

  32. Is it their minds that suggest this to them or are they an insolent people?

  33. Or do they say, “He has made it up”? No, they do not believe!

  34. If they are true to their word, let them bring a word like it!

  35. Or were they created without a cause? Or are they the creators?

  36. Or did they create the heavens and the earth? No, they are not certain.

  37. Or are the treasures of your Rabb with them? Or are they the rulers over all things?

  38. Or do they have a staircase upon which they climb and listen (to the divine mysteries)? (If that is the case) then let them bring a clear and undeniable proof.

  39. Or are the daughters His and the sons yours?

  40. Or do you ask of them a payment by which they are heavily indebted?

  41. Or do they have (knowledge of) the unknown; is it them who determines (what is to transpire)?

  42. Or do they intend to plan a trap? Yet they, who deny the knowledge of the reality, are the very ones who are entrapped!

  43. Or do they have gods besides Allah? Allah is Subhan from what they associate with Him!

  44. If they see an object falling from the sky, they will say, “It is but layers of clouds.”

  45. Leave them until they meet the day (death) in which they will be struck by horror!

  46. That day, neither their traps will repel anything from them nor will there be anyone to help them!

  47. Indeed, for the wrongdoers there is a suffering before that too! But the majority of them do not know.

  48. Be patient for the command of your Rabb! Indeed, you are under Our supervision! And glorify (tasbih) your Rabb as His Hamd, when you get up (during the night)...

  49. And glorify (tasbih) your Rabb (as His Hamd) in a part of the night and after the setting of the stars!

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