68. Al-Qalam

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. By Nun (the knowledge of Uluhiyyah) and the Pen (Qalam; the discloser of the knowledge) and everything it inscribes (the creator of the detailed manifestation of the knowledge as the sunnatullah)...

2. You are not, by the favor of your Rabb, possessed (by invisible beings; the jinn)!

3. Indeed, there is uninterrupted reward for you.

4. And indeed, you are of a great morality!

5. Soon you will see and they will see;

6. Who the possessed ones are!

7. Indeed, your Rabb knows well (from their being) who has gone astray from His way. And He knows well who has attained the reality (as He is present within their being)!

8. So do not follow the deniers!

9. They wished that you would soften in your approach (compromise), so they can show tolerance (to you)!

10. Do not conform to every base and imprudent habitual swearer (as they are cocooned from Allah and the sunnatullah);

11. Who mocks, reproaches and gossips;

12. Who prevents the experience of (the reality) and is guilty of transgression;

13. Stingy, ignorant and moreover branded with disbelief!

14. (Will you obey him) just because he has wealth and children!

15. When he was informed of Our verses he said, “Legends of the former people.”

16. Soon We shall brand him by his nose (he will not be able to overlook the Truth)!

17. Indeed, We afflicted them as We afflicted the people of the garden. When they vowed to harvest in the morning.

18. Without saying “If Allah wills”...

19. So a calamity befell the garden as they slept.

20. And it (the garden) dried and blackened!...

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