The Bridge of Sirat is when the people escape to places referred to as heavens while the Earth is being engulfed by hell.

Depending on the power they’ve acquired via the recommended practices on the Earth, people will either temporarily experience hell or be confined to it indefinitely due to a lack of sufficient power.

Or, they will pass all of these stages and reach the plane of existence referred to as heaven with their vicegerency qualities where they can manifest whatever they may desire.

All of this, whose transpiration will perhaps take millions of years, has been referred to as the unknown.

However, the unknown according to mankind is different than it is according to the jinn and different for the angels… That is, unknown is not something specific to man, but applies to all forms of creation. Thus, it has been called ‘relative unknown’.

Also, if we look at it in light of the letter B, the word unknown begins with the letter B in Arabic (B’ilghayb), in which case the above verse can be construed as:


“Who, as directed by the Names of Allah comprising their essence in their unknown, believe that their unknown is an absolute unknown that can never be comprehended and encompassed.”


As for the word believe in “who believe in the unknown”, it can be understood in two ways:

Belief based on authenticity: That is, the person has done the necessary research and authenticated his belief.

Belief based on intuition: Common to most believers, it is when the person believes based on his intuition, whether he accounts for it with this or that reason, essentially it is a pure belief formed by an intuitive feeling.

Aside from these two, there are also those who believe just because everybody else believes, which is an imitative belief.

And then, superior to all of these is the type of faith called ‘ikan’ (certainty), which we’ll cover later.

In short, ‘who believe in the unknown’ denotes three types of belief, either based on conditioning, intuition or authenticity.

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