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We live in our cocoon world. Yet we think our cocoon is the real world!

If you were to ask anyone, “Where are you living right now?” they will tell you some place on earth. If you were to say, “So you’re from space?” they will say, “Why, of course not. I’m from earth!” But where is earth? Realistically speaking, we are but a speck in the universe, an infinitesimal piece of space. But, due to our age-old conditionings, we would rather believe we live in a fixed world in which the sun and the universe rotate around us, instead of acknowledging our place in the infinite vastness of space! Despite the increasing discoveries of modern science, we are still incognizant of certain Truths!

“We are from earth!” we say.

If you were asked your age, you would reply with a number: thirty, forty, fifty… But is that really your age? To what reference does that number apply?

The earth rotates at a distance of approximately 150 million km around the sun, which is about 1,333,000 times bigger than our earth. When the earth rotates 30 times around the sun we say we are 30 years old. In other words, we mean to say, “Since I was born, the earth has rotated around the sun 30 times.” Thus we ‘measure’ our age.

But in the meantime we overlook or perhaps are completely unaware of a critical fact:

The way we see it, each and every single one of us is existing within our cocoon worlds and we are making inter-cocoon connections among each other. Our communications are based on either the set of values binding our own cocoon or that of another. We are completely oblivious to the reality, the actual dimensions of existence outside of our cocoon world!

Perhaps we don’t want to be aware of it..

Perhaps we are afraid… Afraid to think, afraid of becoming confused. Afraid of the unknown, from things we feel we won’t be able to comprehend or overcome.

But what are the realities outside our cocoon world?

We are all bound by an undeniable Truth: Our time on earth is limited. At some point, we will all move on. We will all experience what is commonly referred to as death!


There is a point that we must realize:

Just as the earth rotates around the sun, the sun rotates around the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way. So too are our earth and we, together with the sun, rotating around the center of our galaxy. Our sun is about 32 thousand light years away from the center of our galaxy and it takes 255 million years for it complete one rotation. In other words, one year on the sun is the equivalent of 255 million years on earth!

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