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Why The Awaited Golden Age Is ‘Now’


The primary and most essential message of the Quran asserted some 1,400 years ago is the reality that the One referenced as Allah is the Absolute Oneness other than which nothing exists. This is so by way of his qualities al-Wahid, al-Ahad and as-Samad. In the last 35 years or so science has also been affirming the endless, limitless Oneness of existence. Thus, the awaited ‘Golden Age’ is now! What makes it ‘golden’ is the emanation of the knowledge of Oneness through people. What is considered a scientific reality today was miraculously disclosed by the Quran over 1,400 years ago.

Just like smoking has lost its throne in the USA and European countries after its harms have been exposed, but desperately tries to continue its sovereignty in countries that are behind in scientific discoveries, ‘materialism’ is also completely impoverished in the world of science and serves only as a topic where ‘matter’ based religious or philosophical debates are concerned in underdeveloped circles.

After discovering ‘matter’ to be only a perceptional illusion, physics and medicine have now turned their focus on the brain – as I emphasized in 1985. For the unexposed mysteries are not in the seemingly external world, but within the dimensional depths of the brain that perceives the world. The extent to which the brain, the compositional structure comprising the qualities of the Names of Allah, is explored and its depths are discovered is the nearness to which man may reach his essential reality (Rabb).

Contemporary physics has now entered the theoretical-physics phase and has come face to face with the reality that man, the brain and existence as a whole are formed from a universal energy – that it is waves of data. In other words, we have come to the realization that we live in a holographic universe.

Atheism, sourced from the dualistic materialistic notion of a god separate from the individual,has now become scientifically impossible! It has lost its foundations. After the realization that existence is ONE, it is evident that this dualistic outlook is rendered completely obsolete. The final chapter of the Quran, al-Ikhlas, explains this very reality, for those who contemplate!

As the notion of ‘matter’ is invalidated; the ‘matter-spirit’ duality is depleted. There is no longer a god to be denied. The only observable reality is a singular existence. Scientific discoveries have ended the dualistic understanding of,There is me, and there is also a God far and beyond me”!

Atheism essentially spawned from scientists who were indoctrinated with the religious teaching of ‘the fatherly god in the heavens and the son’. Realizing – in the face of the billions of galaxies constituting space – the absurdity and thus the impossibility of a localized physical god who sent his son to earth, these minds have denied the concept of godhood altogether and chosen atheism in opposition to the church. And the church has outcast and cursed them! While these scientists have recognized the reality that there is no god, “La ilaha”, they have failed to reach the knowledge contained in the Quran disclosed by Muhammad (saw) and thus the knowledge of “Allah”.

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