For all the practices advised by the Rasul of Allah (saw) are the very things that are necessary for the things we are to encounter. Religion is the system, and the name of this system is Islam. None can alter it, add to it or reduce from it in anyway. The Rasul of Allah (saw) has informed us of this system based on divine revelation. He had the authority to talk on behalf of Allah, but this authority has been taken from mankind since his departure to the next dimension.

Personal religious opinions (fatwa) do not bind anyone! Everyone, from Hadhrat Abu Bakr (ra) and Hadhrat Ali (ra) to an individual today, has the right to express their views and understanding of religion. But nobody has the jurisdiction to talk on behalf of the religion, Allah or the Quran. Thus, the only authority binding all of us is Muhammad (saw).

Muhammad (saw) informed everyone, including all future generations, 1,400 years ago of the things we need to do. The responsibility of each individual lies with himself. Being subject to another will in no way relieve the individual from his responsibilities.



Antalya, 1990


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