The Quran says:

“When death comes to one of them, he says, ‘My Rabb, send me back (to the worldly life). So that I might do righteousness in that which I left behind (i.e. a faithful life that I did not heed or give importance to; the potential that I did not utilize and activate).’ No! (It is impossible to go back!) His words are invalid! (His request is unrecognized in the system) and behind them is a barrier (an isthmus; a difference of dimension) until the Day they are resurrected (they cannot go back; reincarnation, being re-born for another worldly life, is not possible!).”[1]

According to the Quran and the Rasul of Allah, reincarnation, or coming back to this world in another form and having another chance at fulfilling certain practices, is absolutely not possible! We will be bound by whatever we did in the world. But what is our real chance at attaining this eternal life to come while in this world?

According to our understanding, 20 years, 30 years, or perhaps 50 or 60 years… But all of this only accounts for a few seconds in terms of the platform of the sun.

So, we only really have a few seconds to attain a state of life that will last for millions and billions of years. Either we are going to try and understand this and live our lives accordingly or give no importance to this Truth and face its bitter consequence for billions of years.

Please let me reiterate, there is no god up in the heavens who is going to send you to his paradise for dressing in a particular way or to his hell for enraging him! Discern this well! There is only Allah, the creator of the multiple universes! And many scientists and religious figures are unaware of the difference between the god concept and the reality denoted by the name Allah! The choice is ours! We may not have had any choice in anything up to this point in our lives, but from this point on we are face to face with using our choice consciously. So, we must either cleanse ourselves from all our past conditionings and the beliefs we acquired from our environment and genuinely inquire the Truth, or completely put aside thought and be willing to face its harsh consequences!

We must understand the reality of death and what we must do to adequately prepare for the life awaiting us after it. Based on this, Muhammad (saw) has recommended certain practices in light of the Truths that were revealed to him. The foundation of these practices is the magnificent system and order of which we are a part, it is in complete compliance with the mechanism of life – not to please a god out there! The Rasul of Allah (saw) informs us of the system in which we are living and its conditions so that we may comprehend and prepare for our future, lest we are faced with severe consequences. The practices advised by Rasulullah (saw) to which we refer as ‘worship’ or ‘prayer’ are not directed to an external deity-god, it is purely to equip and prepare us for a favorable future life, based on the mechanisms of the ‘system’.

We can either take his recommendations seriously and prudently prepare for our future, or ignore and dismiss the Truth he has shown us at our own expense.

[1] Quran 23:99-100

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