So, a real solar year is actually 255 million earth years! So, if we were to define our age, not in terms of earth years, but in respect to the sun’s rotation around the center of the galaxy, then in 255 million years we would have aged by one year!

We currently exist on earth, but at some point, through the experience of death, the earth is going to be lost from our perception. For our perception of earth is based on our five senses – what we see as earth, our world, is only as much as our physical eyes allow us to see and experience! Our sight is limited to a narrow bandwidth of 4,000 to 7,000 Angstroms! All that we see and define as ‘existent’ are as a result of our brain’s interpretation of the intercepted wavelengths within this range. Our hearing range, on the other hand, is only between 16 and 16,000 Hertz. What we perceive as sound is limited to wavelengths within this range. As such, our perception of the world, and our judgment regarding whether something exists or does not exist, is based on these very limited senses. In reality, the scope of existence outside this bandwidth is infinite! Due to our sheer ignorance, we assume all that is outside of our perceptive range to be inexistent.

The earth on which we live is going to fall outside the range of our five-sense perception upon death, and thus become unperceivable to us, but we are going to continue to exist with what is referred to as our spirit, astral or luminous bodies, within the magnetic field of the earth, and subject to the magnetic pull of the sun[1].

Even though our physical bodily connection will end through death, our spirit-bodies will continue to live within the Von Allen radiation belt subject to the magnetic field of the earth within the platform of the sun, just as we are currently doing so. However, the earth will not be perceivable to us in this new state of existence; we will continue our lives on the radial platform of the sun, only this time with our spirit-perception rather than our bodily sense perception.

So, if the earth disappears from our sight, by which dimension of life will we be bound?

If the concept of earthly time is invalid at this time, but we continue to rotate around the sun, will we be subject to the time zone of the sun? That is, 255 million years will be equivalent to a year by our current viewpoint!

Assuming we live for 70 years on earth, what will this figure mean to us when we die? Since we will be subject to the time zone of the sun, and one year in respect to the sun is 255 million years, then 70 years will be the equivalent of 8.6 seconds. That is, someone who dies at the age of 70 and transits to the next dimension of life – bound by the time zone of the sun – is going to say, “How long did I live on earth? Was my life no longer than a dream?”

[1] A detailed explanation of how the spirit-body is produced by the brain has been given in The Essence of Man, Man Spirit Jinn and The Essential Principles of Islam by Ahmed Hulusi.

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