47. Muhammad

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Those who deny the knowledge of the reality and prevent from the way of Allah are those whose deeds are lost!

2. Those who believe and fulfill the requisites of faith and who believe in what has been revealed to Muhammad, which is the Truth from their Rabb, (Allah) has covered/concealed their bad deeds from them; He amended their conditions.

3. This is because those who deny the knowledge of the reality followed invalid ideas! But those who believed followed the Truth from their Rabb... Thus does Allah give the example (of the two groups) to people.

4. When you encounter those who deny the knowledge of the reality (in battle), strike their necks! And when you have overpowered them, secure their bonds (take them as captives). Thereafter, either free them out of favor or ransom them. Until the war is over. Thus it is! Had Allah willed He would surely have made them live (suffer) the consequence of their offences. But he tried some of you with some of them (through war)... As for those who are killed in the way of Allah, their works will never be lost!

5. He will guide them to the reality and amend their conditions!

6. He will include them into the Paradise that He has made known to them (at the end of the period of battle)!

7. O believers! If you help Allah, He will help you; He will keep your feet firm.

8. As for those who deny the knowledge of the reality, falling on to their faces in destruction is what they deserve! (Allah) has made their deeds amount to nothing!

9. This is because they disliked what Allah disclosed... So, (Allah) made their deeds amount to nothing.

10. Did they not observe (travel throughout) the earth and see the end of those who came before them! Let them observe (with their mind’s eye and take a lesson). Allah has destroyed them! And something similar awaits these deniers of the reality.

11. That is (the truth of the matter)! Allah is the protector over the believers. But those who deny the knowledge of the reality have no protector!

12. Indeed, Allah will include those who believe and fulfill the requisites of faith to Paradises underneath which rivers flow... But those who deny the knowledge of the reality will benefit (from the world only in terms of their body) and eat like cattle (animals)! The Fire is where they will abide.

13. There were many cities (people) stronger than your city, which drove you out! And We destroyed them (imagine)! And there was no one to help them.

14. Are those who are upon a clear proof from their Rabb like those to whom bad deeds have been made attractive (made to be perceived pleasurable) and who follow their baseless desires and amusements?

15. The allegoric description (metaphoric representation) of Paradise, promised for those who protect themselves, is as the following: There are rivers of fresh water there that never go stale, and rivers of milk the taste of which never goes bad, and rivers of wine delicious to its drinkers, and rivers of pure honey! There they will have all kinds of fruit and forgiveness (covering) from their Rabb! Can those (who live in this state of bliss) be like those who abide eternally in Hell in a state of burning, and who are given a drink of boiling water that tears their bowels?....

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