71. Nuh

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Indeed, We sent Noah to his people saying, “Warn your people before there comes to them a severe suffering.”

2. (Noah) said, “O my people, I am indeed a clear warner to you!”

3. “Worship Allah, protect yourselves from Him and obey me...”

4. “So that He may forgive some of your mistakes and grant you life until the end of your appointed term. Indeed, when the time set by Allah comes, it will not be delayed. If only you knew!”

5. (Noah) said, “My Rabb... Indeed, I have invited my people by day and by night.”

6. “But my invitation did not increase them in anything except flight.”

7. “The more I invited them to your forgiveness, the more they put their fingers into their ears, covered themselves with their garments and persisted in their ways (beliefs) becoming more and more arrogant.”

8. “Then I invited them openly.”

9. “Then I invited them publicly, and I also explained it to them in private.”

10. I said, “Ask forgiveness of your Rabb... Indeed, He is the Gaffar.”

11. “He will send the sky (waves of data from space) upon you in abundance.”

12. “And support you with wealth and sons, and form gardens and rivers for you.”

13. “What is the matter with you that you despair the majesty of Allah?”

14. “When He has created you in stages.”

15. “Did you not see how Allah created the heavens as seven layers?”

16. “And made the Moon therein Nur and the Sun a source of light – energy.”

17. And Allah causes you to grow from the earth gradually like a plant (the body that comes from the earth continues its life as consciousness).

18. “Then He will return you into it and again extract you from it.”

19. “And Allah has made for you the earth an exhibition (living environment).”

20. “So that you may traverse therein, on spacious ways.”

21. Noah said, “My Rabb... Indeed, they have disobeyed me, and followed the one whose wealth and children increased him in nothing other than loss.”

22. “And they conspired a mighty plot!”

23. They said, “Never leave your gods! Never leave Wadd, Suwa or Yaghuth and Yauq and Nasr (the names of their deities)!”

24. “And thus they lead many astray... So, increase the wrongdoers in their error!”

25. Because of their mistakes they drowned and were put into the Fire and they could not find any helper for themselves besides Allah.

26. And Noah said, “My Rabb... Do not leave upon earth anyone from among those who deny the knowledge of the reality!”

27. “For if you leave them, they will lead your servants astray and spawn no other than those who deny the knowledge of the reality and who disobey the commands (their genes will only reproduce their like!).”

28. “My Rabb... Forgive me, my parents, the one who enters my house as a believer, the believing men and the believing women! And do not increase the wrongdoers except in destruction!”

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