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32 - As-Sajda

"Audhu billahi minash shaytanirrajeem"

Bismi Llaahi l-raḥmaani l-raḥeem

  1. Alif, Lam, Meem.

  2. This is the knowledge (Book) of the reality and sunnatullah revealed from the Rabb of the worlds (the Rabb of ‘humans’)!


    In many places throughout the Quran the word ‘worlds’ has been used to denote ‘humans’. This is worth examining and contemplating.

  3. Or do they say, “He made it up”! Never! It is the Truth from your Rabb so that with it you may warn the people to whom no warner has come before you... Perhaps they will (evaluate and) attain the reality.

  4. It is Allah who created the heavens (the levels of the self and consciousness) and the earth (the body – brain) and everything in between them in six stages (the six stages in terms of the creation of humans are: 1. Sperm/egg; 2. Conception [zygote]; 3. Cell division; 4. Cellular differentiation; 5. The formation of the organs; and 6. Specialization of organs with various functions and the formation of consciousness and the senses) and then He established Himself on the Throne (commenced administration in the world of acts with His Names)... You have no guardian or intercessor besides Him... Do you still not contemplate and evaluate this?


    There are two ways of looking at this verse according to my understanding: In respect of man’s external world and in terms of man’s existence.

  5. He governs the earth (the brain) from the heaven (through the cosmic electromagnetic energy emanating from the qualities of the Names in the form of celestial constellations [star signs] that affect the second brain in the gut and thus one's consciousness, or from an internal perspective, through the Names that become manifest in one's brain based on the holographic reality)... Then it will ascend to Him in a time, the extent of which is a thousand years (the ascension to the life of the spirit-body or a dimensional return to one's essence).

  6. Thus (Allah) is the Knower of the unknown (unperceivable) and the manifest (perceivable), the Aziz, the Rahim.

  7. It is He who has created everything perfectly! He began the creation of man from clay (the eggs).

  8. Then He made his lineage from a basic fluid (sperm).

  9. Then He proportioned him (formed his brain such that the neurons evaluate the various wavelengths to manifest the meanings of the Names) and breathed into him from His own Spirit (the act of breathing into something goes outward from within, that is, the manifestation of the Names within the data level of the brain is referred to as ‘Allah’s spirit’ in existence... Allah knows best)... And He made for you hearing (perception), sight (vision) and hearts (the reflectors of the meanings of the Names to the brain – heart neurons)... How little you thank (evaluate)!

  10. They said, “When we have become nothing beneath the earth, will we continue life with a new form?” No, they refuse to be enlightened about the manifestation (meeting) of their Rabb (with His Names) through their existence.

  11. Say, “The angel of death (the force of death – the force that pulls one from the biological-body to a life in the domain of the spirit-body) who has been entrusted with you (a function that is already present in your system) that will cause you to die (separate you from your body)! Then to your Rabb you will be returned (You will realize your essential reality).”

  12. You should see the guilty ones (who deny the knowledge of the reality) when they bow their heads in the sight of their Rabb and say, “Our Rabb... We have seen and perceived the Truth! So return us (to the world – the life of the body) so we may fulfill the requisites! Indeed, we have attained certainty (now).”

  13. If We had so willed, We could have enabled every being (illusory self; ego) to realize its essential reality, but My word: “I will surely fill Hell (the conditions to manifest the specific configuration of the qualities of the Names that result in an infernal state of life) with jinn and man all together” is in effect.

  14. So taste (the suffering) for having forgotten the meeting of this day! In truth, We have also forgotten you! Taste the eternal suffering because of your deeds!

  15. Only those believe in Our signs who, when they are reminded, they prostrate and selflessly glorify their Rabb (fulfill their functions) as His Hamd. (This is a verse of prostration.)

  16. They arise from their beds (at night) and pray to their Rabb with fear and with hope... They unrequitedly give from the life sustenance with which We have provided them!

  17. And no one knows the blessings of joy kept hidden in store for them as a result of their deeds!

  18. Is one who believes equal to one with corrupt beliefs? They are not equal!

  19. Those who believe and fulfill the requisites of their faith, there are Paradises of Refuge for them, as a result of what they have done (an experience that will emerge from within their essence).

  20. As for those with corrupt beliefs, their abode is fire! Every time they want to leave they will be returned to it and told, “Taste the suffering of the fire that you denied!”

  21. And We will surely make them taste the nearer suffering (in their world) before the greatest (eternal) suffering, that perhaps they will turn back.

  22. And who does more wrong than the one who, when he is reminded of the signs of his Rabb within his own essence, turns away from them? Indeed, We will make the guilty taste the results of their doings!

  23. Indeed, We gave the knowledge (the Book) to Moses... So do not be in doubt (now) of having reached it (the knowledge)! We have made it a guide for the Children of Israel.

  24. And when they are patient, We made leaders among them, under Our command, to guide them to the reality! They were certain of Our signs!

  25. Indeed, your Rabb is HU and He will judge between them during Doomsday regarding the things over which they dispute.

  26. Did it not show them the Truth, how We destroyed so many generations before them, as they walk upon their dwellings? Indeed, there are lessons in this... Do they still not perceive?

  27. Did they not see how We channel the water to a barren land and with it We bring forth the crops from which they and their animals eat? Do they still not see?

  28. They say, “When will be the conquest (the absolute conquest [fath] – the complete unveiling of the reality through the experience of death) if you are of the truthful?”

  29. Say, “During that time when the conquest is experienced, the belief of those who were in denial of the knowledge of the reality (before tasting death) will be of no avail to them, and they will not be reprieved.”

  30. So turn away from them and wait. Indeed, they are also waiting!

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