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16 - An-Nahl

"Audhu billahi minash shaytanirrajeem"

Bismi Llaahi l-raḥmaani l-raḥeem

  1. The command of Allah has come (for you to see); there is no need to rush! He is Subhan and Aliy, high and above what they associate with Him.

  2. He reveals the knowledge of the reality to whom He wills among His servants with His forces (and says), “Warn with the truth that there is no deity/god, only Me! So beware of Me!”

  3. He created the heavens and the earth in Truth (with His Names)... He is high above what they associate with Him!

  4. He created man from a single sperm... And behold, he has become defiant!

  5. He also created livestock... In them are warmth (energy and clothing) and other benefits for you... And from them you eat.

  6. And there is beauty for you in them when you bring them in (from pasture) in the evening and in the mornings when you let them out (to pasture).

  7. They carry your loads and take you to many places that you cannot reach yourselves without difficulty! Indeed, your Rabb is the Ra’uf, the Rahim.

  8. And He (created) horses, mules and donkeys for you to ride on and enjoy... And He creates so much more that you do not know.

  9. The path to the target leads to Allah! But there are some who deviate from it... Had Allah willed He could have guided all of you collectively to the reality!

  10. HU sent down water for you from the sky... From it comes drink and from it comes foliage in which you pasture (animals).

  11. With it He causes to grow for you the crops, olives, dates and grapes of all types. Indeed, there is a sign in these for a people who think!

  12. And He subjects for you the night, the day, the Sun (source of energy) and the Moon (which stimulates your hormones and senses with its gravitational force)... And the stars are subjected by and in service to His command (the stars are also a manifestation of the meanings of the Names comprising their essence)... Indeed, there is a sign in this for a people who can use their intellect!

  13. And on the earth, (he subjects for you) his creation of various colors... Indeed, from this sign there are lessons to be taken for those who contemplate!

  14. And it is HU who subjects the sea to your service, so that you may eat from it and extract ornaments from it to wear... You will see ships plowing through it... so that you may seek of His bounty and be of the thankful ones who evaluate.

  15. He formed firmly set mountains upon the earth so that you are not shaken (organs of set functions) and rivers (people who act as a source of knowledge) by which you may find your way and reach the reality and roads (comprehensions suitable to your demeanor).

  16. And much more signs! And He leads to the reality by the (Names comprising the essence of the) stars (the people of the reality, the Hadith: ‘My Companions are like the stars; whoever among them you follow, you will reach the truth’)...!

  17. Is One who creates like One who does not create? Do you think and evaluate?

  18. If you were to count the blessings of Allah, you will not be able to enumerate them! Indeed, Allah is the Ghafur, the Rahim.

  19. Allah knows what you conceal and what you reveal.

  20. Those to whom they turn besides Allah cannot create anything, for they themselves are created.

  21. They are (living) dead, devoid of (the quality of) Hayy (the knowledge of the reality)... They are not conscious of when they will be resurrected (recreated with a new form).

  22. That which you consider to be a God is the ONE possessor of Uluhiyyah! Those who do not believe in their eternal life to come, denial has covered their consciousness; they (those who dualistically associate their own presumed existence to the existence of Allah) are living with a strong sense of self (ego)!

  23. Surely, Allah knows what you conceal and what you reveal... Indeed, he does not favor those who live with their egos.

  24. When they are asked, “What has your Rabb revealed?” they said, “The myths of the past.”

  25. (They say this) that they may bear their own burdens in full on the day of Doomsday and (some of) the burdens of those whom they misguide without knowledge... Know with certainty, wretched is what they bear!

  26. Those before them schemed... Allah came to their buildings from their foundations! The roof fell upon them from above them and suffering came to them from where they did not perceive (it came and emerged from an unexpected place)!

  27. Then during the Doomsday He will disgrace them and say, “Where are my ‘partners’ for whom you opposed Me?” Those to whom knowledge is given will say, “Disgrace and dishonor, this day, is for those who deny the knowledge of the reality.”

  28. Those who the angels take in death while they are wronging themselves (in a state of duality) will say in submission, “We were not doing anything wrong”... “No! Indeed, Allah is Aleem over what you do.”

  29. “So, enter the gates of Hell as eternal dwellers therein! How wretched is the residence of the egoistic – arrogant!”

  30. And it will be said to those who protected themselves from Allah, “What has your Rabb revealed?”... They said, “Good”... There are good things for those who engage in good deeds in this world... But the home of the life to come is surely better... How excellent is the home of those who protect themselves!

  31. (The home of those who protect themselves is) Paradises of Eden... They will enter Paradises underneath which rivers flow... There they shall have everything they desire... Thus Allah recompenses the people of protection!

  32. The angels will say, “Assalamu alaikum” to those with pure faith who they took in death (separated from their body)! Enter Paradise as the outcome of what you did!”

  33. (In order to believe) do they wait for the angels (physical death) or for the command (a suffering) of their Rabb to come? Thus did those before them! And Allah did not do wrong to them, but they had been wronging themselves.

  34. So they were struck by the outcome of what they did and they were enveloped by the thing they ridiculed.

  35. The dualists said, “Had Allah willed neither we nor our fathers would have worshipped things other than Him and we would not have forbidden anything other than what He says”... Thus did those before them... What can the duty of Rasuls be other than clear notification?

  36. Indeed, we have disclosed a Rasul within every community saying, “Serve Allah and beware Taghut!”... Some of them, Allah guided... And upon some of them, error (misguidance) was decreed... So travel the earth and see the end of those who denied.

  37. Even if you strive with ambition for their guidance, Allah does not guide those who He leads astray! They will have no helpers.

  38. They swore by Allah their strongest oath saying, “Allah will not resurrect one who dies”... No, it is a true promise upon Him (the one who dies will be resurrected immediately after his death as one who has tasted death)! But the majority of the people do not know.

  39. (He will resurrect all who taste death) so that He clarifies to them the thing over which they differ and so those who deny the knowledge of the reality will know that they are liars.

  40. “Indeed, Our word to a thing when We intend it to be, is to say ‘Be,’ and it is.”

  41. As for those who migrate to Allah after being wronged, surely We will settle them in a good place in this world... But the reward of the life to come is definitely greater. If only they knew!

  42. They are those who endured patiently and placed their trust in their Rabb.

  43. And We did not disclose others before you with our revelation except for men... If you do not know, then ask those who have knowledge about the past.

  44. We disclosed them with clear proofs, miracles and Zaburs (wisdom)... And We revealed to you dhikr (remembrance) so that you explain to people that which is sent down to them and so they contemplate.

  45. Do those who plan a trap by which they may do bad deeds feel secure that Allah will not cause the earth to swallow them or that suffering will not come upon them from where they do not perceive?

  46. Or that We will not seize them during their usual activity? They cannot render Allah powerless!

  47. Or (did they feel secure) that He won’t destroy them gradually? Indeed, your Rabb is the Ra’uf, the Rahim.

  48. Did they not see the things Allah created, how their shadows (existence) turn to the right (guidance) and to the left (misguidance) in prostration to Allah (the Names comprising their essence).

  49. (All) the creatures in the heavens and the earth, and the angels (all beings and forces pertaining to the spiritual and material worlds) prostrate to Allah (in absolute submission to Allah) without arrogance (without their constructed illusory identity, ego). (This verse is a verse of prostration.)

  50. They fear their Rabb who commands from within their depths and they do as they are commanded.

  51. Allah has said, “Do not take two gods! HU is the ONE and only who possesses Uluhiyyah (Absolute non-dual ONEness, beyond being broken into parts or being defined as the totality of parts)... So, fear only ME.”

  52. Whatever is in the heavens and the earth is for Him! Religion is continually and eternally His! Then do you fear other than Allah?

  53. Whatever blessing you have is from Allah! And when you are touched by distress you cry to Him.

  54. Then when (Allah) lifts the distress from you, behold, some of you start associating partners to their Rabb (they ascribe the lifting of the distress to causes other than their Rabb).

  55. (They do this) to show ingratitude for what We have given them... So, enjoy yourselves... Soon you will know.

  56. They even put aside a portion of the things We provide them for their illusory gods... By Allah, you shall most certainly be called to account for the things you invent!

  57. And they assign their daughters for Allah... HU is Subhan (beyond such assumptions)! And what they like (their sons) for themselves...

  58. When the good news of a female (child) is given to one of them, his face darkens in rage!

  59. He hides himself from his people because of (what he interprets as) the bad news he has been given... Will he keep her at the expense of being despised, or hide her in the dust (bury her alive)? Let it be known with certainty that evil is what they decide.

  60. Bad attributes are for those who do not believe in the eternal life to come... The most perfect attributes are for Allah! He is the Aziz, the Hakim.

  61. And if Allah were to hold responsible the people for their wrongdoings and enforce the consequences upon them at once, He would not have left upon the earth any creature (DABBAH, i.e. earthling, in human ‘form’ – not human), but He defers them until a specified time. And when their time comes, they can neither fall behind it nor precede it by even an hour.

  62. (The dualists) attribute to Allah what they dislike (claiming the angels are His daughters)... And they lie and claim the best future will be theirs. Undoubtedly for them there is fire and for this they will be at the forefront.

  63. By Allah... We also disclosed to people before you but Satan made their deeds attractive to them (and they denied the messages of the Rasuls)! He (Satan – illusion) is their friend today (too)... There is a painful suffering for them.

  64. We revealed this Knowledge (Book) to you so that you make clear to them that (the reality) which they deny and as guidance (knowledge of the reality) and grace for a people who believe.

  65. Allah disclosed from the sky (from man’s essence) water (knowledge) with which He brought earth (the body) to life (made it aware of the eternal life it possesses due to the Names of Allah) after its death (unconscious state – confining one’s existence to the body alone)... Indeed, this is an important sign for those who evaluate what they hear!

  66. There are lessons for you in grazing livestock (that are suitable to be sacrificed)... We give you pure milk to drink from its (the animals) bellies, between its excretion and blood, which is palatable to drinkers.

  67. You obtain intoxicants and provision from the fruits of date palms and grapes... There is a lesson in this for those who use their reason.

  68. And your Rabb revealed to the bee, “Make homes for yourselves from the mountains, the trees and that which they construct!”


    The way bees and other creatures receive revelation, how this occurs and its meaning can be highly revealing for the thinking minds.

  69. “Then, evaluate every flower according to its program, based on the Name comprising your essence”... From its belly comes a colorful drink in which there is healing for mankind... There is a lesson in this too for those who use their reason!

  70. Allah created you... Then He will cause you to die (not ‘kill’ you – ‘cause you to die’)! And some shall be left to live until old age until they can no longer comprehend the things they once knew... Indeed, Allah is the Aleem, the Qadir.

  71. Allah has excelled some of you over others in provision. Those who have been given more are unwilling to share their provision with those of whom they are responsible... (Whereas) they are equal with them. Do they consciously deny the blessing of Allah (their provision of life, by claiming they earned it and taking ownership and hence associating their egos to Allah)?

  72. Allah has made partners for you from yourselves... And made from your partners sons and grandchildren... He nourished you with clean provision... (When this is the case) do they believe the ungrounded, baseless one? Do they cover and deny the blessing of Allah?

  73. They deify and worship things besides Allah that do not possess any sovereignty or power over anything from the heavens and the earth!

  74. Do not associate similarities to Allah! (Allah is HU!) Allah knows, and you do not know.

  75. Allah gives the example: A slave who has no power over anything and someone to whom We have provided life sustenance and who gives to others from it both secretly and publicly... Can they be equal? Hamd (the evaluation of the corporeal worlds created with His Names, as He wills) belongs to Allah! But no, the majority of them do not know.

  76. And Allah gives example of two people: One of them is dumb and has no power over anything; he is a burden to his master... To whatever task he is directed he brings no good... Can he be equal to the one who duly evaluates what he possesses and who walks upon the right path?

  77. To Allah belongs what is unperceivable in the heavens and the earth... The actualization of that Hour (Doomsday) is like the blink of an eye or even closer (in the sight of Allah)! Indeed, Allah is Qadir over all things.

  78. Allah extracted you from the wombs of your mothers not knowing a thing... And He gave you perception, sight (evaluation) and hearts (the reflectors of the qualities of the Names to the brain; heart neurons) so that you may evaluate and be of the thankful ones.

  79. Do they not see the birds in the sky that are subject to the command of Allah? None other than Allah (with the forces of His Names) holds them... In these signs are lessons for those who use their reason!

  80. And Allah has made your homes a tranquil and safe place of living... And made from the hides of animals tents that you carry and use with ease during travel or during encampment, and from their wool, fur and hair for furnishing and clothing for a set time.

  81. And Allah has made shadows for you, from that which He has created, and from the mountains, shelters and places of refuge, and made clothes to protect you from the heat and shields to protect you in war... Thus He completes His favor upon you so that you may be Muslims!

  82. But if they turn away from you (My Rasul) then the only responsibility upon you is to inform!

  83. They recognize the blessing of Allah (the Rasul) then they deny him... The majority of them are deniers of the knowledge of the reality.

  84. In that period, We will bring forth a witness from every people... No permission will be given to the deniers of the reality, nor will they be asked for any excuses.

  85. When the wrongdoers encounter the suffering, it will not be lightened for them and they will not be reprieved.

  86. When the dualists see the partners they associated they will say, “Our Rabb! These are our partners, who are not your equal, who we gave names to and associated as partners to You”... (Their partners) will scold them and say, “Indeed, you are liars.”

  87. That day, the things they invented (their delusions and fabrications) will be lost from them and they will be in submission to Allah (the system, the laws of sunnatullah)!

  88. We will subject to increasing suffering those who deny the knowledge of the reality and who prevent (the people) from the way of Allah, because of their corruption.

  89. In that period, from every people We will resurrect a witness against themselves from within themselves... And We brought you as a witness over them! We sent down this Knowledge (Book), which explains everything in sections, as a (life) guidance and as grace and good news for those who have become aware of their submission.

  90. Indeed, Allah orders justice, good conduct and generosity to relatives... And forbids immorality (ego-based behavior), bad conduct (activities that go against the requirements of faith) and oppression (wrongdoing and injustice)... He admonishes you so that you think and evaluate.

  91. When you give your word to one another fulfill the covenant of Allah deservedly... Do not break your oaths after they are confirmed... For, you have held Allah witness (over your oaths)! Indeed, Allah knows what you do.

  92. Do not be like the woman who untwisted her thread after it was strongly spun... Because one community is more plentiful than another, you use your oaths as means of deceit... Allah only tries you with your oaths (so that your true face is revealed and you are unable to deny it later)... He will make clear to you the things over which you differ in the period of Doomsday.

  93. Had Allah willed surely He could have made you all of one faith... But He causes to stray whom He wills and guides whom He wills... You will live the consequences of your deeds!

  94. Do not use your oaths among each other as means of deceit! Lest your feet slip after being firm (in Islam) and you experience wretchedness for straying away from the path of Allah... And incur a great suffering.

  95. Do not sell the covenant of Allah for a small price... If only you knew, what is with Allah is better for you.

  96. What is with you will surely come to an end... But what is with Allah is lasting... As for those who are patient, surely We will give them the results of their deeds, with that which is better than their deeds.

  97. Whether man or woman, whoever believes and fulfills the requirements of their faith, We will make them live a pure-clean life... Surely We will respond to them with better than their deeds.

  98. When you are going to recite the Quran, seek refuge in Allah from the accursed and rejected Satan (the idea of thinking you are only the body, lest you misevaluate with delusion).

  99. “Indeed, he (Iblis and his lineage of jinn) has no power over those who believe (that their Rabb is sufficient) and place their trust in their Rabb.”

  100. “His power is only over those who take him as a guardian (who follow the ideas he imposes upon them) and those who associate partners with their Rabb.”

  101. And when We substitute a verse in place of a verse they say, “You are but a slanderer!” Allah knows better what He reveals! On the contrary, most of them do not know.

  102. Say, “The Pure Spirit (the force called Gabriel; the force of knowledge pertaining to the Names) has brought it down from your Rabb (the Name composition comprising your essence) in Truth... To give endurance to the believers and as good news for the Muslims.”

  103. And We certainly know that they say, “It is only a human being who teaches it”... The tongue of the one they refer to is foreign, yet this Quran is in a clear Arabic language.

  104. Indeed, Allah will not guide to the reality those who do not believe in the signs that describe Him... For them there is a painful suffering.

  105. Those who invent lies are only those who do not believe in the signs of Allah that describe Him... They are the very liars!

  106. Except for the one who is forced (to renounce his faith) while his heart is secure in faith, whoever disbelieves (covers the reality of) Allah and opens his breast to disbelief, upon them is the wrath of Allah! And for them is a great punishment.

  107. That is because they prefer the (limited – base) worldly life over the eternal life to come, and that Allah does not guide people who deny the knowledge of the reality.

  108. Those are the ones whose heart and hearing (perception) and vision (evaluation) Allah has sealed! And it is they who live in their cocoons!

  109. The truth is, in the life to come, it is they who will be the losers!

  110. Then, indeed, your Rabb is with those who migrated after being exposed to adversity and thereafter fought and were patient... Indeed, after that, your Rabb is the Ghafur, the Rahim.

  111. In that period, every soul will fight to save itself... And every soul will be compensated for what it did... They will not be wronged.

  112. Allah gives the example of a city: It was safe and secure... Its life sustenance was coming to it in abundance... But (the people) were ungrateful for the blessings of Allah (they engaged in activities which, by sunnatullah, led them to be curtained)... So, Allah made them taste the envelopment of hunger and fear because of what they had been doing.

  113. Indeed, a Rasul came to them from within themselves, but they denied him! So suffering overtook them while they were wrongdoers.

  114. Eat from the lawful and clean things from the life sustenance Allah provides for you and be thankful for the blessing of Allah, if you are aware of your servitude to Him!

  115. Allah only forbids to you the flesh of dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine, and that which has been slaughtered in the name of an ‘other’ than Allah... But whoever is forced by necessity can eat from them without assuming it to be lawful and transgressing the limit of necessity... Indeed, Allah is the Ghafur, the Rahim.

  116. Do not make things up and say, “This is lawful, this is unlawful”... For you will have slandered against Allah! Indeed, those who invent lies about Allah will not succeed!

  117. (They do this) for a brief benefit! And they will have a painful suffering.

  118. And that which We have related to you before, We had also prohibited to the Jews... And We did not wrong them, but they were wronging themselves.

  119. Then, indeed, your Rabb will fulfill the repentance of those who do a misdeed out of ignorance and then repent after it and correct themselves... Your Rabb, thereafter, is the Ghafur, the Rahim.

  120. Indeed, Abraham was a community in himself, obedient to Allah... He was a Hanif (non-dualist who refused to accept the concept of gods/deities besides Allah)... He was not of the dualists (who ascribed partners to Allah).

  121. He was thankful for His blessings... (He) had chosen and directed him to the straight path.

  122. We gave him blessings in the world... He is of the righteous in the eternal life to come as well.

  123. Then We revealed to you, “Follow the people (the religious understanding) of Abraham as a Hanif... He was not of the dualists.”

  124. The Sabbath was only enjoined upon those who differed about it (the Children of Israel)... Indeed, your Rabb will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection regarding the things about which they differed.

  125. Invite to the way of your Rabb with wisdom and good advice... And struggle with them in the best way... Indeed, HU , your Rabb, knows better who goes astray... And HU knows better who is guided!

  126. And if you are to repay them for their misdeeds, then compensate them with the equivalent of the suffering with which they afflicted you... If you are patient, then indeed this is better for those who are patient.

  127. Trust and rely! Your patience is through Allah! So do not grieve over them! Do not distress over the trap they conspire!

  128. Allah is most certainly with those who protect themselves and who are doers of good (those who are aware that their existence is for Allah).

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