Poisoning The Well

Now that he was older, he struggled to lift a full pail of water all on his own… As he laboringly tried carrying the water back to his tribe, he deliberately overlooked the leaking water from his aged pail, as this lightened his burden… But by the time he reached his tribe, most of the water had leaked out. Surely he couldn’t take back an empty pail to his people! So he topped the pail up with some dirty water nearby and presented the water to his tribe as pure spring water from the ‘source’.

Only a few, judging from its taste and cloudiness, were able to tell it wasn’t pure water. The majority had no idea, as they didn’t know what pure water was, they had never gone to the ‘source’. Nevertheless, trusting the old man, the people drank the dirty water thinking it pure, and began telling others “this is what pure water looks and tastes like!”

As people age, the brain works slower and less efficiently… The intellect begins to fall short and is unable to fully comprehend certain things…

Especially when the youth asks some of the most obscure questions… One inevitably falters, fabricates and gives absurd answers, like repairs to the main topic. All because the connection to the source is severed; all because one is unaware of the source…

Some, to protect their patronage from prejudice (harm) even assert ideas like:

“The source is holy! Do not disturb the holy source! We are here and ready to help you in every way…”

However, when their answers contradict the recorded knowledge of the source, they begin to cover and modify the information at the source with ludicrous interpretations like:

“Yes, the source says that, but that is not what the source actually means… The source only says that because you will not comprehend it any other way. What it really means to say is this…”

Hence the information given by the source is misinterpreted, distorted and misdirected.

The reason is simple.

When someone isn’t a source, and is incapable of understanding the other sources, they attempt to solve something within their own illogical parameters, and when their patchwork solutions do not correspond with the original source knowledge, they distort it and begin to give interpretations to make it comply with their own truth!

There is nothing I wrote in 1966 in my first book The Great Awakening that I feel or think differently about today. What I said 15 years ago and what I say and write today are all the same. The only reason my thoughts were penned, my talks were recorded as audio and video, was to prevent the information I disclose in my talks from becoming distorted over time.

What I said and wrote then is what I say and write now. This is the requirement of the responsibility I feel towards Rasulullah (saw) and the blessings of Allah.

I pen every word in my writings with the consciousness that one day I will face Rasulullah (saw) and give account of everything I shared.

If I have made mistakes, I bear the responsibility.

But nobody has the right to modify and distort my writings or talks to suit their own ideas!

This is why man has been told:

“If your intellect is inadequate, then at least believe!”

Unfortunately, when one lacks both faith and intellect, it results in contamination of the source!

Please… Do not poison the well! Do not contaminate the source!

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