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From The Source To The Future

The privileged, are the recipients of tomorrow’s call, not yesterday’s!

Some are created to address the past, to those who live in the past. This is how they perform their servitude.

Some are created to address the past, to those who live in the present. This is the requirement of their servitude.

We are of neither!

As servants of Allah, we perform our servitude by carrying those that live in the now to tomorrow!

Rasulullah (saw) has disclosed and expounded everything that is valid and viable until Doomsday. From this truth, we have tried to share with you, to the best of our understanding, the things that apply to today and relate to tomorrow.

We have tried to comply with Hadhrat Ali’s words:

“Raise your children not according to the days in which you live, but the days in which they will live!”

We have strived for many years, with many explanations, to aid humanity in transcending the past and recognizing the aspects pertaining to the future.

We have withdrawn to our village and left the field to those who want to drag the present back to the past… perhaps this way the thinking minds will have the opportunity to evaluate those on the field more comfortably.

We have relinquished our desire to disclose the many truths that could have been explained.

We show respect to those who find pleasure in consoling themselves with the stories of yesterday and who are closed off to new knowledge… We hope they will be happy in their worlds…

Let it be known, however, if the knowledge disclosed here, which will remain active in our memory, is well evaluated, the accumulations of yesterday’s repetitions can be discarded and one may reach the extensive ocean of the valley of Islam.

Everything imparted by Muhammad (saw) is immutable and applicable until Doomsday, despite whatever happens in the world.

In order to comprehend the value of this, one must possess knowledge about the viewpoint disclosed in this book.

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