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Where Is Your Intellect?

We say things like “come to your senses!” or “what were you thinking?” yet hardly ponder on where exactly our ‘intellect’ or ‘faculty of reason’ really is…

Well, here is a story:

Almighty God created the intellect, adorned it with supreme qualities and then placed it on top of the brain. The intellect looked around itself, but was not able to see anything. It thought “Is it dark in here or am I blind?”… Not being able to find a solution to the problem, the intellect asked God: “Dear God, you created me in perfect form, yet I think I am blind! You designed me to be dynamic, active, vivacious and adaptable, yet I am unable to see anything ahead of me, behind me or around me! I can’t even see where I am! All I can do is evaluate the data that comes to me and redirect it according to its purpose as best I can…”

God replied: “I have created you so perfectly that it is unnecessary for you to have eyes. In order for you to perform your function, it is better that you are blind. I have placed you in this location; everything you need is at your disposal. All you have to do is evaluate the incoming data. You are in the center of the universe! If you evaluate the incoming data well, you will become the sultan of where you are. Remember, I have also provided for you, in the same location, the power of faith, in case you encounter a dilemma or find yourself in some sort of predicament…”

The intellect was pleased with this answer and began to perform its task accordingly…

However, when mankind increased in number, and the intellect in every person started encountering different data, the overwhelming confusion, the misleading data and perhaps a little hormonal stimulus, tripped the intellect over, causing it to flow into the bloodstream! Before it knew, it was in another organ! But because it was blind, it was unable to recognize this new place (organ) and thought it was back in its original location. Nevertheless, it continued to evaluate the incoming data from this new organ in a most perfect fashion, carrying out its function effectively!

This new location is the stomach for some people, the reproductive organs for others… It is the feet for some, and the heart for others!

Hence, some people live only to eat and consume, some only to engage in sexual activity, some commit their entire lives to sports, and others live their lives driven by emotions alone, constantly feeling regret and remorse…

Indeed, when the intellect, the faculty of reason falls from its sacred throne, the brain, people say “come to your senses!” But alas! How can one possibly do so, when one’s intellect has settled in some other organ and its brain has become this new organ?

The solution?


Either the power of faith will manifest itself and bring back the intellect to its throne, or if unable to persuade it, it will cease its connection with the intellect altogether! In this case, the intellect will pursue its life without faith and change dimensions without the power of faith!

And from a distance, the watchers will say:

“Another one has passed without faith…”


29 July 2003

Raleigh – NC, USA

17 / 75

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