My friend,

Know that this book is one of the most valuable things you have been given in your life.

This book is the calling of your Rabb; it is a sacred door that He has opened for you.

Whoever you may be, whatever may be your occupation or religion, know that your Rabb is awaiting you and His door is wide open.

Do not ask where the door to your Rabb is. “IT” is within you, in your heart!

“IT” is beyond the door that opens from you, to you!

This door is the door of prayer and dhikr. A door that opens from your heart to your Rabb, your essential reality!

It is an act of introspective, turning to one’s Rabb. It is the path of need.

So, abandon your imagined god up in the heavens and turn to Allah, the eternal and limitless One. Realize He is present at every point and within every iota of existence, and find Him in your heart!

Then ask of Him whatever you desire! Health, wealth, abundance, love, guidance, whatever you will! And know with certainty that the only thing to guide you to your desires is prayer and dhikr…

Know, my friend, that Allah, who is ever present with all of His qualities and attributes in every hint of existence, will respond to you – from you!

Know that you are His vicegerent on earth!

Now, as the vicegerent of Allah, are you aware of the incredible potential with which your brain has been endowed?

Are you aware that you can activate the power inherent in your brain through prayer and dhikr?

Do you know about the mechanism called ‘prayer’, your most powerful weapon?

Many weak and powerless men have overthrown and vanquished kings and emperors with prayer and dhikr!

Countless poor have attained great wealth and success with prayer and dhikr!

Many afflicted, distressed and diseased ones have reached salvation and emancipation through prayer and dhikr!

Know, my friend…

Prayer and dhikr are the world’s most powerful weapons with which you have been endowed. By learning to use these forces within your brain and heart, you can reach endless beauties of the life of this world and beyond. Or, you may choose not to use them, let them rot away, and face the consequences of this for eternity!

This mechanism has been given to you for free, unrequitedly! It is a divine gift!

You neither need a mediator nor anyone’s assistance to engage in prayer and dhikr. Whether you use the prayers in this book or pray in any way that you desire … Just learn to use prayer and dhikr, your most valuable tools in this world…

You will see how your world will transform.



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