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The Special 19 Formula Prayer Of Need

I’d like to provide a potent formula in this section, one that is very effective in delivering one from any state of hardship or affliction, or in aiding in the attainment of a desired state.

I have personally witnessed that many people who have applied this formula reached the outcome they desired within nineteen days!

But let me make it very clear that if you apply this with the intention to unjustly cause harm to others or with any other ill intention, you will never be able to escape adversity and the effects of the formula will revert and afflict you instead.

Here is the prayer:




First, memorize these six names which in Arabic have nineteen letters in total.

After the fardh of every salat, repeat these six names nineteen times after repeating Allahuakbar ten times!

After the nineteenth day, if there is still a hardship, add the verse Sayaj`alu Allahu ba`da `usrin yusra (Allah will bring about ease after hardship)[1] to the names, such that:


“Ferdun, Hayyun, Qayyumun, Hakamun, Adlun, Quddusun... Sayaj`alu Allahu ba`da `usrin yusra”


Continue to recite this nineteen times after every prayer for nineteen days.

If you are not after deliverance from a difficult situation, but have other requests, then you may replace the verse above with any of the verses below, depending on your situation.


For Knowledge


Quran 3:48 – Yu`allimuhu alkitaba wa alhikmata – He will teach (program – embed into existence) the Book (the knowledge of the reality), Wisdom (the operation mechanism of the system and order formed by the Names of Allah in the worlds)…


For Self-Conquest (Fath)


Quran 48:1 – Inna fatahna laka fathan mubeenan – Indeed, we have given you the Clear Conquest (fath; the clear observation of the system of the reality)!

Quran 5:52 – Fa`asa Allahu an ya’tiya bil-fathi – Perhaps Allah will bring clarity or a verdict from Himself (HU)…

Quran 4:75 – Wa Aj`al lana min ladunka naseeran – Grant us a patron and victory from Your Self.


For Victory Over The Enemy


Quran 5:56 – Inna hizba Allahi humu al-ghaliboon – Whoever befriends Allah, the Rasul of HU, and the believers (should know) the allies of Allah are the ones who will prevail!

Quran 40:12 – Faalhukmu lillahi al`aliyyi al-kabeer – The judgment belongs to Allah, the Aliy, the Kabir (the One whose judgment of His manifest forces you cannot refuse)!


For Protection From The Enemy


Quran 9:129 – Hasbiya Allahu la ilaha illa hu – Sufficient for me is Allah! There is no god, only HU!

Quran 3:173 – Hasbuna Allahu wa ni`ma al-wakeelu – Allah is sufficient for us, and how excellent a Wakil He is!

Quran 8:40 – Ni`ma almawla wa ni`ma an-naseeru – An excellent Protector (owner) and an excellent Helper (giver of victory He is)!


For Prosperity And Abundance Of Provision


Quran 2:212 - Wa Allahu yarzuqu man yashao bighayri hisabin –Allah gives provision (both limited sustenance for the corporeal life and infinite life sustenance pertaining to the realization of one’s inner reality and its benefits) to whom He wills without account.

Quran 33:31 – Wa a`tadna laha rizqan kareeman – We have prepared a generous – abundant – life sustenance for them.

Quran 57:24; 60:6 – Inna Allaha huwa al-ghaniyyu al-hameedu –Indeed, Allah is the Ghani, the Hamid.


May Allah enable us all to be of those who duly evaluate the blessing of prayer. Amen.

[1] Quran 65:7.

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