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Translator's Preface

If you were told of an exclusive technique that could extraordinarily enhance all your capabilities and enable you to create and manifest anything in your life that you desire, change or fix any situation, direct the motion of events, design and transform yourself in any way and without any limitation, and attain anything you could possibly imagine… What would you be willing to give up to possess this power?


But, what if you were told you didn’t have to give up anything at all because it had already been given to you for free? What if this inherent power was the art of channeling brain waves: the power of prayer and dhikr?


If we only knew that every instance of our lives is the creation of our conscious and unconscious prayers, no doubt we would all want to master this incredible force.


Say, “If it wasn’t for your introspection (prayer) my Rabb would not hold you in esteem!”[1]


Our ability to direct our brain waves towards a specific internal or external target, whether unconsciously through our random thoughts or consciously via prayer and dhikr, is what constantly creates anew our world experience.


This innate power with which we have all been endowed is the one and only master key to resolving adversities and unlocking brand new potentials and experiences.


In this book, Ahmed Hulusi shares some of the most potent and unique prayer and dhikr formulas suited for specific situations and purposes.


Apply the formulas. Experience the transformation. Enjoy the outcomes.



          Aliya Atalay

Antalya - Turkey


[1] Quran 25:77.

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