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Why Is Dhikr Done In Arabic?

Usually, the first question that is asked in regards to dhikr is, “Why do we have to say these words in Arabic? Can’t we say their English or Turkish translations instead? Does Allah not understand other languages?”

The spoken word is the final stage of the activity! The real phenomenon begins in the brain via an impulse or a micro-wave – a radial effect – from the cosmic dimension or a cosmic being.

As a result of this effect, the bio-magnetic and bio-chemical make-up of the brain is influenced and the resulting data is passed on bio-electrically to stimulate the relevant nervous system and organ. We only perceive the result as the activity that reflects from the organ. But it’s not the audio-visual that we perceive outside, but the radial, bioelectrical, bio-chemical system that takes place in the higher levels that matters! That is to say, it is not the letters that comprise the word that is of significance, but the vibration of the frequency that forms the words!

As I previously explained in my audios and videos under Higher Matter, the universe and everything in it are quant-based radial beings by origin. And each of these radial energy beings who have specific meanings and who fulfill unique functions in accord with that meaning are called ‘angels’ (malak) in Islamic literature. The original word ‘malak’ comes from ‘malk’, which means ‘force and energy’.

Just like every vibration-frequency in the universe carries a meaning, every cosmic ray that reaches the brain also carries a specific meaning and has a place in the universe in accord with that meaning, these structures are called ‘angels’.

Man is the most comprehensive manifestation in the world created to know his own essential reality, to know Allah. When man thinks he is only the body, he is described as “the lowest of the low” in the Quran. On the other hand, when he lives in line with his essential ruling, he is described in the Quran as living in the “state of Paradise.” Man’s single most important duty is to know his essential self!

In religious terms, this is referenced as, “He who knows himself will know his Rabb.”

When the brain is freed from thinking this material realm is in fact real, from the limitation of the five-senses and the obstruction caused by this conditioning to realize his essential luminous self, he will autonomously desire to experience his essential self.

This desire will strengthen his relation to his luminous self and enable him to realize that everything that transpires through him is the manifestation of these radial luminous meanings.

That is, the brain transfers these luminous meanings to our ‘known’ dimension and then loads these concepts to our holographic radial body while at the same time emitting it to its surroundings.

Thus, due to what can only be discerned after the aforementioned is understood, dhikr is something that can only be done by the original form in Arabic.

Every word and letter is a vibration-frequency turned into sound waves in the brain. Since every frequency carries a specific meaning, every word is a collection of frequencies carrying meanings turned into sound waves – this is what forms the words and concepts of dhikr.

That is, the quant meanings are present in the universe as wavelengths and vibrations, when they are converted into sound waves they are called words, and words that best capture these meanings are in Arabic; thus, the words of dhikr are in Arabic.

Therefore, once you change a word, you can never capture the same frequency and thus the meaning carried by that frequency can never be reached.

So, if one wants to attain the secrets explained by the Quran and the Rasul of Allah (saw) and understand the universal realities, one must repeat the words as they came, in their original Arabic format.

It is also important to recite the entire Quran at least once in a lifetime in its original Arabic in order to upload its energy to the spirit – the holographic radial body – to benefit from this source of knowledge in the life after death.

Another reason why these words must be recited in their original Arabic is if you try to translate these Arabic words into another language you’ll end up having to write an entire page or more to adequately capture their meanings. Clearly, it is easier to repeat a single word as opposed to a whole page.

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