Although it was not planned, due to the persistent request of my significantly close friends, I started to write this book just fifteen days ago. Gracefully, Allah did not humiliate me and allowed me to complete this work...

I could not turn down the request of my friends who persistently asked, “What is the power of prayer and dhikr? Why is it important? What will one lose if they neglect it? And what will be the gain of those who revere it? Only you can write and explain these in a way that the next generation can understand.” Seeking refuge in Allah’s grace and mercy, I sat before the typewriter and began….

If, indeed, I have been able to explain what the power of prayer and dhikr is, why it is important and how it should be practiced, it is only because Allah has willed and permitted it, and Allah desires that this information be available to people.

If, on the other hand, I have not been successful, then the fault is due to my own limitations…. In this case, may my good intentions be considered and my faults be forgiven…

I plead to Allah, the Azim and Karim Rabb of the heavens, earth and all the worlds, that for the love of the beloved Muhammad Mustafa (saw), Allah’s graceful mercy and blessing be showered upon me for being the vehicle for this knowledge, upon the reader and those who cause it to be read! May Allah grant the light of faith and the light of gnosis, may He grant true closeness and protect from all kinds of divergence, discord and hypocrisy. May He grant praise and blessings from us to the Rasul of Allah!

May Allah allow us all to benefit from this book! Amen Amen Amen. 

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