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General And Specific Dhikr

There are a few types of dhikr. Here is a general outline:

1.    General dhikr

          a.       Spiritual dhikr

          b.       Dhikr done for a specific purpose

2.    Specific dhikr

         a.       Dhikr done to achieve a specific result

         b.       Dhikr that are specific to the person

As previously stated, dhikr is the continual repetition of a specific word or phrase.

Whatever the word may be, every dhikr produces a wavelength with a specific frequency in the brain with which inactive cells in the brain become programmed.

If it is a word incited by the jinn or a word like ‘om’, the popular Budhhist mantra, the brain begins to develop in those specific areas as the person unknowingly gets into resonance with the jinn and begins to receive incitations from them. Consequently, he begins to stray toward certain absurd thoughts and conceives himself as a saint, the Mahdi, an extraterrestrial, a prophet or even Allah.

The general dhikr taught in Islamic sources, on the other hand, assist solely in strengthening the person’s spirit-power and allow him to get closer to his Rabb.

Here are some examples of general dhikr:

Subhaana L-Llahi wa bihamdihi

Subhaana L-Llah wa-l hamdulillah wa laa ilaha illa l-Llahu wa Llahu akbar

Laa ilaaha illa Allah wa-h dahu la shareeka lah

Laa ilaha illal Laahul malikil haqqul mubeenu

Subbuhun quddusun Rabb-al-mala’ikati wa-r-ruh

General dhikr done for a specific purpose include things like acquisition of knowledge, confessions of one’s mistakes, requests for forgiveness and so on. Here are some examples:

Rabbi zidnee ilma

Laa ilaaha illaa anta subḥaanaka inni kuntu mina l-ẓaalimeen

Rabbi ij`alnee muqeema l-ṣalaati wa min dhurriyyatee

Specific dhikr are done with the intention to develop one’s state in a specific area, towards a specific goal. Such dhikr formulas are essentially devised according to the person’s brain, qualities, characteristics and personal desires. These formulas are comprised of the divine Names and certain prayers derived from hadith and verses from the Quran, in order to enable rapid personal progress.

Most of the dhikr formulas given in tariqahs are in the scope of general dhikr; hence, development times can take up to 30-40 years.

However, those who have tried these specific dhikr have seen massive progress in their lives in as short a time period as 1-2 years.

Some examples of specific dhikr done to achieve a specific result are:

Allahumma inni as-aluka Hubbaka

Allahumma al-himni rushdi

Quddus’ut Tahiru Min Kulli Sooin

As for specific dhikr that are specific to the person they usually comprise the Names of Allah, such as:












Such names and others are usually formulated according to the person’s needs in respect of their brain program and its effects are usually observed in short frames of time.

Let me add an important note here. When the capacity of the brain expands as a result of dhikr, one must immediately utilize this extra potential by turning to knowledge, otherwise the newly expanded capacity will be susceptible to the influences of the jinn, which is not a favorable result.

It is also crucial to read the prayers for protection (included in the beginning of this book) taught in the Quran as protection from the jinn.

Now, let us answer some frequently asked questions.

Due to the practice of dhikr, which increases one’s spiritual strength, the Islamic community has given rise to many spiritually elevated people; however, few scientifically advanced minds have emerged! If the brain was reinforced with dhikr to develop in the area of worldly sciences, surely there would have been distinguished brains in that field as well.

However, the world of Islam refrains from striving for, and giving value to worldly affairs, based on the principle, “Protect yourself from the suffering in the future of having to let go of the things you possess today.”

Let me share a very simple example with you.

Imagine you were given a box filled with invaluable jewelry and you were told:

“If you can attain the key, you can open this box and everything inside it can be yours.”

And you ask, “Ok, but what and where is its key? How can I attain it? How can I open it?”

“The key…” you are told, “Is a special type of iron whose tip has been shaped and formed in a unique way. To attain it you must pay its price.”

But you think to yourself, “The box is with me anyway, instead of paying so much to obtain the key I’ll just get a bar of iron and chip and file it myself to make a key!” But, no matter how much you chip and file, you cannot make a key that is exactly the same as the key that opens the jewelry box and hence you can never obtain the precious jewels inside the box, for each lock may only be opened by its own unique key.

Thus, just like in this example, each brain needs its own unique formula to obtain great progress. For this, it is a must to find a learned person to guide you.

Since it is quite challenging and difficult to find such a person in this time and age, I have devised certain formulas in this book to the best of my knowledge, all of which have been experientially confirmed to be very beneficial.

Whoever wants to may try these special formulas on themselves and see if it benefits them, if so they may continue, otherwise they may continue doing their general dhikr for general spiritual development.

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