52. At-Tur

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. By the Mount (Mount Sinai, on which Moses encountered the reality),

2. And the inscribed knowledge (encompassing every detail)!

3. In a parchment unrolled (manifested in the perceivable dimension of acts).

4. And the prosperous house (the dimension of Names comprised of the knowledge pertaining to the Absolute Essence, the Reality of Muhammad, the perfectly constructed house – the human consciousness experiencing the quality of vicegerency generating from the Names of Allah);

5. And the raised ceiling (the knowledge that surpasses the dimension of acts),

6. And the overflowing ocean (waves of knowledge)!

7. Indeed, the punishment of your Rabb will occur!

8. There is no power to repel it!

9. At that time, the heaven (consciousness) will be bewildered!

10. And the mountains (egos) will depart! (Your Rabb is the Baqi!)

11. Woe to those who deny that time!

12. (Those deniers) who now amuse themselves with (worldly imaginary) indulgences!

13. They will be relentlessly dragged into the Hellfire at that time!

14. (And it will be said), “This is the Fire you denied!”

15. “So is this magic then, or do you not see?”

16. “Dwell in the Fire! Be patient or impatient; it makes no difference for you! You are living the consequences of your deeds!”

17. Indeed, the protected ones are in Paradises and among blessings.

18. They rejoice with what their Rabb manifests through them! Their Rabb (the Names comprising their being) has protected them from the suffering of Hell.

19. “Eat and drink the results of your deeds with pleasure!”...

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