56. Al-Waqi’a

The Rasul of Allah (saw) has said the following in regards to this chapter:

“One who reads the chapter Waqi’a every night will never be afflicted with poverty.”

In the past, many had made it a habit to read the chapters Yaseen, Fath, Waqi’a, Mulk and Naba every night. There is so much benefit in this, it is not possible for me to explain it.

I can only hope you spare half an hour of your time every night to read these five chapters. Half an hour from twenty-four hours every day is not much considering you will be preparing for your eternal life and strengthening your spirit. May Allah ease this for all of us.

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By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. When that truth (of the second life after death) occurs.

2. There will be none to deny its reality!

3. It brings down (some) and raises (some) up!

4. When the earth (the body) is shaken with intensity,

5. And the mountains (the organs in the body) are crumbled,

6. And become dust dispersing.

7. And you become divided into three kinds:

8. The people of the right (the fortunate-happy ones who have attained the Truth) – and what people of the right?

9. The people of the left (the unfortunate-unhappy ones who have lived their live cocooned from the Truth) – and what people of the left?

10. And the forerunners are the forerunners (of certainty);

11. They are the ones who have attained (the state of divine) closeness.

12. Within Paradises of Bliss.

13. Most of them of the former people.

14. And the minority of them of the later people.

15. On thrones embroidered with jewels. (The verses in regards to Paradise as of this verse should be read in light of the statement “The example [metaphoric representation] of Paradise” mentioned in various verses [13:35, 47:15]. All expressions are symbolic and should not be taken literally.)

16. Seated facing one another.

17. With eternally youthful servants around them...

18. With vessels filled from the source, pitchers and cups...

19. Neither headache nor intoxication caused by them!

20. Whatever fruit they prefer;....

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