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Why Decode the Quran from a Sufi Perspective?

The Quran addresses the intellect. In the most basic terms it underpins two truths.

1. There is no 'god out there' administrating existence from afar. There is only the One denoted by the name 'Allah.' It is this existence, which comprises man's essential reality, whose knowledge man should strive to acquire.

2. Man - in terms of the Names and qualities of Allah comprising his essence - is immortal. Therefore, he should align his life in accordance with this inherent endless potential within.

As with B'ismillah-arRahman-arRahim, the letter 'B' in the Quran alludes to these essential truths. In fact, the reality symbolized by the letter 'B' has been the underlying essential groundwork for all schools of Sufism, throughout all ages. If, on the contrary, this truth is not grasped, the Quran will inevitably be misconceived as a book referencing a god in the heavens. Whereas, Allah is the limitless eternal Oneness, invalidating all concepts of an 'other' in terms of space and dimension!

In Decoding the Quran the reader is given the opportunity to read through the lens of this reality.

This work construes the Quran through the perspective of Sufism and the unity of existence, and through an enhanced knowledge base that has become available to us thanks to continuous scientific development.

The contents of this book will not only be instrumental in clarifying misconceptions surrounding Islam and the Quran, but also provide its readers with a true comprehension of their meaning.

There are those who read and discern the substance of the Quran, and those who interpret every verse simplistically and literally.

As for those who take its metaphors literally, it is unfortunate that due to their misinterpretation, Islam has at times been portrayed as a religion that condones violence. Some go as far as to resort to violence to spread Islam on earth. They do so out of their incapacity to correctly decode the core message of the Quran, or because they use their view of the Quran to justify their own political motives!

Rather than evaluating the word "jihad" according to its actual meaning, which is to strive and put effort into helping others to recognize their own essential reality, they interpret it as "fight" and thus turn to violence.

Certain factions have been spreading and promoting their incorrect religious understanding based on an imaginary god in the heavens for many years. The majority of the translations of the Quran employ language that supports this notion! Whereas in reality, the Quran asserts the oneness of Allah other than which nothing exists.

Unfortunately however the actual message of the Quran is not understood and the truth is covered. The only way humanity can attain a true state of peace is by decoding the Quran so its real message can be discerned and spread.

Ahmed Hulusi


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