Indeed, that which is eased for a person has much to do with the path that the ‘Guider’ has determined for him!

Hadhrat Ali (ra) narrates:


One time we were at a funeral, the Rasul of Allah (saw) came and sat by our side. We gathered around him. He was holding a staff. He put his head down and in a reflective way he started drawing lines in the dirt with the staff, then said, “Every single one of you without exception has been determined his place in either paradise or hell! It has been definitely determined whether you are of the fortunate or the unfortunate ones!” One of us asked, “O Rasul of Allah (saw), shall we then abandon our deeds and go by whatever has been written?” The Rasul of Allah (saw) answered, “The fortunate ones will engage in the deeds of the fortunate ones… The unfortunate ones will commit the deeds of the unfortunate ones… So, keep up your deeds, for it has already been eased for you! If you are of the fortunate ones, then your deeds will be eased for you, if you are of the unfortunate ones, then the deeds of the unfortunate will be eased for you!”


Another narration in relation to this one is by Omar’s (ra) son, Abdullah:


Omar (ra) asks, “O Rasul of Allah (saw), are the things we are currently doing formed now or had they already been formed and completed?”

The Rasul (saw) answered, “O Son of Hattab, everything has been predetermined! Everyone is prepared for what has already been determined for him: the fortunate ones will work for their fortune and the unfortunate ones will work for their misfortune!”


And a final hadith about this topic before I move on to how the process of easing works…

Suraka bin Jush’m asks the Rasul (saw), “O Rasul of Allah! Are deeds formed due to what has been written by the Pen that writes the fates, in which case everything has already been written and the ink has already dried, or do they form in the future, without being predetermined?” The Rasul (saw) answered, “Your deeds have been predetermined by fate and written by the Pen, the ink of which has already dried! Whatever you have been created for is what will be eased for you!”


So, how is this process of easing and guidance carried out?

I had explained above that guidance was administered by the name Latif.

Let me try and explain what this means, after I share the following words by the Rasul (saw):

“Indeed, Allah the Sublime created everything in darkness, then shed His light (nur) upon them; those who took a share of this light are rightly guided, while those who didn’t are misguided. Then the ink of the Pen dried.”

Let’s also remember the verses:


“Allah guides (enables the observation of His innermost essential reality) to whom He wills.”[1]

 “And He leads to the reality by the (Names comprising the essence of the) stars (the people of the reality, the hadith: ‘My Companions are like the stars; whoever among them you follow, you will reach the truth’)...!”[2]

 “And the stars are subjected by and in service to His command (the stars are also a manifestation of the meanings of the Names comprising their essence)...”[3]


“He governs the earth (the brain) from the heaven (through the cosmic electromagnetic energy emanating from the qualities of the Names in the form of celestial constellations [star signs] that affect the second brain in the gut and thus one’s consciousness, or from an internal perspective, through the Names that become manifest in one’s brain based on the holographic reality)...”[4]


“It is Allah who created the seven heavens, and of the earth, the like of them. His command continually (without interruption) manifests between them (astrological [angelic] influences that are also manifestations of Allah’s Names and their effect on creation).”[5]


“Who created you (manifested you), formed you (with a brain, an individual consciousness and a spirit) and balanced you (the work process of your brain, consciousness and spirit)! Whatever form (manifestation of Names) He willed for you, He configured your composition accordingly.”[6]

[1] Quran 22:16

[2] Quran 16:16

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[5] Quran 65:12

[6] Quran 82:7-8

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