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35 - Fatir

"Audhu billahi minash shaytanirrajeem"

Bismi Llaahi l-raḥmaani l-raḥeem

  1. Hamd belongs to Allah, the Fatir (who creates everything programmed according to its purpose) of the heavens and the earth, who discloses the angels (conscious forces driving specific functions) as Rasuls with two, three, four functions! He adds to His creation whatever He wills... Indeed, Allah is Qadir over all things.

  2. If Allah wills to bestow grace upon people, no one can withhold it! And if He withholds it, none can disclose it thereafter! HU is the Aziz, the Hakim.

  3. O people... Consider the blessing of Allah upon you! Is there, besides Allah, a creator who creates for you sustenance from the heaven (the data in your brain) and the body (the brain – body)? There is no deity-god, only HU! How you deviate (from the Truth)!

  4. If they deny you, (know that) they denied all the Rasuls before you too! The judgment regarding what transpires belongs to Allah.

  5. O people! Indeed, the promise of Allah is true! Let not the life of the world (the bodily life) deceive you... And let not the great deceiver (your mind) make you arrogant towards Allah!

  6. Indeed, the devil (the conception formed in the brain via the impulses sent by the organs in the body that your existence in confined to the body) is an enemy to you (taking you away from Allah, your essential reality)! So, take him as your enemy! It (the belief that you are only the body) invites its followers to become companions of a blazing fire!

  7. There is severe suffering for those who deny the knowledge of the reality. As for those who believe and fulfill the requisites of their faith, there is forgiveness and a great reward for them.

  8. (How can) the one whose bad deeds are made to seem attractive, so he thinks he is good (be equal to those who are truly good?)! Indeed, Allah leads astray whom He wills and guides whom He wills... So, do not despair over those who are in loss! Indeed, Allah is Aleem of what they do (as their Creator).

  9. It is Allah who disclosed the winds (rahmani knowledge) and thus drives the clouds (the black clouds formed in one’s mind as a result of emotions and conditionings)... Then We drove them (the rahmani knowledge) to a dead land (consciousness) and gave life to the earth (the body) while it was dead! Thus is the resurrection (the return to the essence)!

  10. Whoever desires honor (let him know first that) honor belongs entirely to Allah (one who thinks of himself as a separate being cannot have honor due to the duality he is in)! Creations, good and pure, reach Him, and are raised by fulfilling the requisites of faith (the word ‘raise’ here refers to the fulfilling of the deeds that are the requisites of one’s faith in his essential reality as they save one from the ego and enable one to reach Allah). But those who scheme bad things, for them there is a severe suffering... And their schemes will amount to nothing!

  11. Allah created you from dust, then from a fertilized cell, then formed you as pairs (double helix DNA). No female (producer) can either become pregnant (produce) or give birth (form a new creation) outside His knowledge (what is recorded in the genetic helix)... The life span of each living being is indeed recorded in a book (the creational genetic codes)! This is certainly easy for Allah.

  12. Not equal are the two seas! One is sweet and quenches thirst, pleasing and easy to drink... The other is salty and bitter... From each one you eat fresh meat and extract ornaments to wear... And you see ships sailing through them, so that you seek of His bounty and are grateful.

  13. He transforms the night into the day, and the day into the night... He has given functions to the Sun and the Moon... Each one runs its course for a specified time... Thus is Allah, your Rabb! Sovereignty is for Him (for the manifestation and observation of His Names)! Those to whom you turn besides Him (assuming they exist) do not have sovereignty over the membrane of a date seed.

  14. If you call out to them, they will not hear your call! And if they do, they cannot respond to you! (Furthermore) they will deny your deification of them during Doomsday... None can inform you like the One who is Habir.

  15. O people! You are in (absolute) need of Allah (for you exist with His Names)! But Allah is the Ghani, the Hamid.

  16. If He wills he can do away with you and manifest a completely new creation (of His Names)!

  17. This is not (a problem) for Allah, who is the Aziz (the possessor of irresistible force)!

  18. No bearer of guilt can bear the burden of another... And if one whose burden is heavy, calls out for his burden to be carried, nothing of it will be carried... Even if it is a relative! You can only warn those who are in awe of their Rabb, their unknown, and who establish salat... Whoever purifies and cleanses himself only purifies for the benefit of his own self. The return is to Allah.

  19. Not equal are the blind and the seeing.

  20. Nor are the darknesses (ignorance) and Nur (knowledge)!

  21. Nor are the shade (consciousness; the forces of the Names) and the heat (the bodies)!

  22. And not equal are the living (through the knowledge of the reality) and the dead (those who think they will become inexistent with death)! Indeed, Allah will enable whom He wills to hear... But you do not have the function to make hear those who are in their graves (cocoons – those who are living in the world projected by their brain)!

  23. You are certainly only a warner!

  24. Indeed, We have disclosed you as the Truth, as a giver of good news and as a warner! There is no community to whom a warner has not come.

  25. If they deny you, (then know that) those before them also denied. Their Rasuls came to them as clear proofs and wisdom and enlightening information.

  26. Then I seized those who denied the knowledge of the reality... And how was My reproach (for denying Me)!

  27. Did you not see how Allah disclosed water (knowledge) from the sky... With it We produced fruits of various colors (various thoughts)... And in the mountains (beings with egos) tracts of white, red of various shades and black (various lifestyles and life paths).

  28. And there are also those with various colors among the creatures (different bodies – races) and cattle (animalistic properties)! Among His servants, only those who have knowledge (of what is denoted by the name Allah and who are aware of its Might) are truly in awe of Allah (realize their nothingness in respect of His magnificence)! Indeed, Allah is the Aziz, the Ghafur.

  29. Indeed, those who ‘read’ Allah’s Book, establish salat and who give unrequitedly, both secretly and openly, in the way of Allah from the sustenance with which We nourish them, can be sure they have made an investment that will never incur a loss!

  30. He gives to them what they deserve in full and increases it from His bounty... Indeed, He is the Ghafur, the Shakur.

  31. That which We have revealed to you from the knowledge (Book) of the reality and sunnatullah is the very Truth that confirms what came before it! Indeed, Allah, as the presence with His Names in His servants, is the Habir and the Basir.

  32. Then We made the servants whom We chose inherit the knowledge of the reality and sunnatullah! Some of them wrong themselves (their lifestyles do not do justice to this knowledge) and some who are moderate (are in tune with their essence some times and fall into corporeality at other times) and some who, with the permission of Allah (B-iznillah; the permissibility of the Names manifesting from his essence), advance with the good they do – their lifestyles... This is surely a great bounty, supremacy!


    A hadith in relation to this verse: Narrated by Abu Darda (ra), “I heard the Rasul of Allah (saw) recite this verse (32nd verse) after which he said, ‘He who advances ahead with his good deeds will go to Paradise without giving any account... The moderate one will be called to an easy account... But the one who wrongs himself, he will be made to sit at a station until sadness and sorrow afflicts him, then he will be admitted to Paradise’ then he recited the verse, ‘Hamd belongs to Allah (the possessor of all forces) who has removed from us all sorrow... Indeed, our Rabb is the Ghafur, the Shakur.’ (34th verse)” (Musnad-i A. Hanbal)

  33. They will enter Paradises of Eden (a life established upon the forces of the Names)... There they will be adorned with bracelets of gold and pearls... There their garments will be silk.

  34. (Those who enter the life of the Paradise of Eden) say, “Hamd belongs to Allah (the possessor of all forces) who has removed from us all sorrow... Indeed, our Rabb is the Ghafur, the Shakur.”

  35. He who, from His bounty, has settled us in an everlasting abode (a body/form by which we are enabled to experience the life of Paradise)... In it neither fatigue nor weariness can touch us.

  36. As for those who deny the knowledge of the reality, there is a hellish burning for them... Death will not be decreed for them, so they cannot die nor will their suffering be lightened... This is how We recompense everyone who is ungrateful (of the knowledge of the reality).

  37. They will cry therein, “Our Rabb! Take us out (from our conditionings) so we may do what is necessary, rather than what we were doing”... (They will be answered), “Did We not allow you live enough for those with the capacity to contemplate therein to contemplate? And a warner came to you! So taste (what you have prepared for yourself)! There are no helpers for the wrongdoers.”

  38. Indeed, Allah knows the unknown of the heavens (the capacity of the brain founded on the reality of the Names) and the earth (what is contained within the brain)... Indeed, He, as the Absolute Essence of what is within your breasts (your depths), is Aleem (of the reality).

  39. It is HU who has made you vicegerents upon the earth (the caliphate attribute is ‘established’ not ‘created’. This fine distinction should be pondered upon with care!)... Whoever is ungrateful (whoever denies his vicegerency for the sake of individual values and bodily pleasures) denies (the reality) against himself! And the denial of those who deny the knowledge of the reality increases them only hatred in the sight of their Rabb!

  40. Say, “Did you see your alleged partners – friends whom you worshipped besides Allah? Show me, what did they create on earth (what did they administer in your body)?”... Or do they have a share in the heavens (did they form a new understanding of knowing the self in your consciousness while you thought you were your body)? Or did We give them the knowledge of the reality (the Book) on which they are standing as evidence? On the contrary, the wrongdoers do not promise each other anything but delusion.

  41. Indeed, Allah is holding the heavens and the earth lest they cease their functions! For if they were to cease their functions none can hold them (in place) other than Him... Indeed, He is the Halim, the Ghafur.

  42. They swore in the name of Allah (saying Billahi) with all their strength that if a warner came to them, they would be more guided than (any) of the previous people... But when a warner came to them, (this) increased nothing in them except for hatred!

  43. (They turned away) in arrogance (egotistically), scheming evil... But the scheme of evil encompasses only those who scheme it! Are they awaiting one who follows a way other than the sunnah (the system and order of Allah) that the previous people followed? You will never encounter an alternative for sunnatullah. You will never find an alteration in the sunnatullah!

  44. Did they not travel the earth and see with insight the end met by those before them? They (the previous people) were mightier than they... Nothing in the heavens or the earth can render Allah ineffective! Indeed, Allah is the Aleem, the Qadir.

  45. Had Allah willed to subject people to the consequences of their actions immediately, there would be no creature (human body) left (alive) on earth! But He provides respite until the end of the specified term (for their bodily life). When their death comes (their affairs in the world will end)! Indeed, Allah, with His Names, is Basir within the very existence of His servants.

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