Though we awaken from a different dream every morning, what makes us think we’re not going to suddenly awaken one day from the dream of this world?

When we wake up and find nobody to argue and quarrel with, what kind of a situation are we going to be in, I wonder? Are we aware that we are a test for each other?

We’re in a test with the mentally ill, the schizophrenic, the dictators, the senile, those with personality problems, or those with an inferiority complex, or a superiority complex…

They’re going to live the consequences of their life when they wake up, but what about those who got engrossed and caught up by them?

Such people usually cause provocation to their environment. Often even their closest won’t know what they are doing. They introduce themselves differently, but then engage in certain behaviors that nobody really knows, thus they can cause provocation to their closest too.

The only way to be protected from provocation (fitnah) is with knowledge. Fitnah won’t end until you render it ineffective. Your only choice is to become immune to it, in this world, or in the grave, or in hell! If you don’t want to wake up in regret, don’t get caught up in fitnah, my friend. If you want to get to know people, step on their toes, but be ready to face the consequences, for then their true self will emerge.

The level of one’s maturity will be revealed when their material or non-material benefits are harmed.

If someone is trying too hard to get acceptance and acknowledgement then clearly he has no trust in himself or his knowledge, he has a personality problem. If someone accuses me of something and I try to convince them otherwise I would be taking the accusations seriously and trying to prove myself. The most appropriate approach to take in a situation like this would be to say “May Allah give you peace. You’re free to think and believe what you like” and move on…

The people and events that transpire around us are like test questions. Regardless of who and what comprises your environment, if you take knowledge as your guide you will not go astray.

Don’t take anyone as an example. Don’t forget, nobody is perfect. Befriend for knowledge not for gossip!

If one gossips he is devoid of knowledge, this is a fact! No matter how much knowledge one may seem to have, if he engages in gossip, then he has not gone past the Inciting Self.

Hold firmly to knowledge and follow its path.

Being near or close to an enlightened being will not serve you unless you change the course of your life and stop engaging in inferior behavior. Try to see the knowledge, not the body or the person! Those who turn to other ‘bodies’ are eventually going to separate from them, but one who turns to knowledge will never be deprived.

Those who take others as examples will eventually encounter actions or behaviors that go against their belief and fall into confusion. But one who turns to the knowledge disclosed by the Rasul (saw) will never feel regret and will definitely reach his purpose.

It is totally possible to be awakened in this world!

If in the face of an adversity you can say, “The Malik’ul Mulk – the One who governs His Sovereignty as He wishes – has subjected me to this situation” and not waste any time and effort on the seeming offenders you will have turned to your essential reality. The best thing to do in the face of any adverse situation is to turn inward, to their true Owner… Remember the verse “flee to Allah” denotes an introspective action!

There are many alleged saints who deify their ego after the station of the Inspired Self and fall right back into the Inciting Self state and die in denial!

A saint will never put forth actions that go against the teachings of the Quran. A saint will never engage in gossip or be ungrateful. A saint will never patronize others or expect others to serve him. A saint will not expose the faults and mistakes of others. He is forgiving. A saint never tries to prove a point or takes part in verbal debates. A saint knows that everyone is with whom they deserve to be. A saint knows the value of knowledge and doesn’t reduce its esteem by running after people who don’t cherish it. A saint is peaceful and content; he is protected from the provocations of the Inspired Self and the evil commands of the Inciting Self.

Those who choose to follow their fancy desires after knowledge has come to them, who use the knowledge pertaining to the station of the Inspired Self to rule over others with their Inciting Self are bound to suffer.

May Allah protect us all from such people!



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