A surgeon does not hesitate to cut off a gangrenous organ. He doesn’t approach the patient with meaningless pity; as he aims to save the patient, and thus he does whatever is necessary. In the same light, when one begins to cut off the gangrenous areas in his life, among all the areas invaded by germs, inevitably some uncontaminated areas are gone too. A big fish is bigger than a small fish, but there is always a bigger fish than a big fish… There are things we can see of the unseen and things we can’t see of the seen, thus is the case up to the Throne.

Though, of course, there will always be those who consider the Throne as a literal, gigantic, celestial royal chair, like little children who don’t understand metaphors and search for the truth within the symbol. Apparently they find Allah “within” themselves and so they claim to find him within others as well… Whatever “within” means…

Where is Allah within? Within what? Within who? Within me, within you, within a man, within a woman, within the germ??!! Within those who don’t get the difference between taking lessons from past and bearing a grudge??!!

Is Allah within an atom? In a body cell? Inside the body? In the brain? Or in the spirit?

I hear you saying “Allah is free and beyond the manifest corporeal worlds (al-Ghaniy)!”

They call me Ahmed Hulusi, but who am “I”? Am I a world or a particle? What am I? Who and what exactly are they referencing with this name?

But anyway, what’s it to us, let’s go out and have some fun, eat, drink, listen to so-and-so then go to bed. Why bother ourselves with so many questions and all the problems they bring along.

Contemplating such matters has not been made easy for us. Every bird flies with its flock they say. Whatever we’ve been created for is what seems easy for us.

Turn into yourself and find out what has been made easy for you, that you may understand the purpose of your creation and find your own flock.

Time is ticking and dark clouds are gathering in the sky… “So flee to Allah,” my friends… Flee to Allah…

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