Him and I

One size bigger… But very different to what we can fathom!

Its size is beyond our comprehension!

It’s so big that its infinite!

Such a mighty body! It’s so deep that it’s limitless!

As if it has a million heads, billions of arms, trillions of legs!

The organs of its body are the billions of galaxies!

The cells of its organs are the hundreds of billions of stars!

The cell sequences are the constellations of stars!

That giant body has awareness, just like we do.

It has a sense of ‘I’ or ‘I am’ just like we have an ego-identity!

It has consciousness, just like we do! It’s aware of its own existence and its essential nothingness, just like we are also aware of our nothingness at the core essential level.

It’s infinite and limitless, its name is Universe! Infinity and illimitability are merely relative concepts for creation!

I am infinite, eternal; my name is Human!

It’s created; its name is Spirit!

I’m created; my name is Human…

Its organs are renewed, its body is renewed, supernova blasts take place, and then they’re replaced by new ones! Ad infinitum…

My organs are also renewed, my body is renewed, my cells blast, they die, and then they’re replaced by new ones!

Its body has a spirit, that holds its body up! Its Spirit is conscious; it organizes the system!

My body has genes; it organizes my body and manifests my spirit.

I travel in it, to it, with it!

It observes me, through me, with me!

I ascend to my heaven…

To my heart, my spirit, my secret, the hidden treasures of the Divine Names and Attributes within my consciousness??

Man becomes nothing, It becomes everything… The observed and the Observer!

My self (nafs) thinks with my heart.

It watches the Names with my Spirit.

It says “Only I exist!” and the hearer of the call is itself!

Shhh… Stop there and be quiet!

It’s the universe, the worlds, the angel called Spirit!

It also has a Self (nafs).

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