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Trust In Allah (Tawakkul)

The limited in understanding recklessly claim, “I have placed my trust in Allah” without taking any precautions. Clearly, they don’t know that the act of ‘tawakkul,’ without first taking the necessary precautions, is generally what the foolish do!

The Rasul of Allah (saw) says: “Tie your camel first, and then trust in Allah.”

It is well known how Caliphate Hadhrat Omar (ra) went to Damascus with his army and told his army to turn back after hearing there was plague in the city. When they asked him, “Are you fleeing from the fate of Allah?” he answered, “I am retreating to Allah’s judgment from Allah’s fate!”

I have been writing about the absolute and unchangeable nature of fate since 1965, so have I changed my mind… You may be wondering? Absolutely not!

Whatever my understanding of fate was in 1965 that is the understanding I have today and I have discussed it in full detail in my previous books. Nevertheless, I see that the ‘precaution-trust’ dilemma still isn’t fully grasped by the majority.

I know and believe with absolute certainty that fate is absolute and not subject to change! Even the precautions we take are the result of our fate, not contrary to or outside of it! Whatever the conditions we are subject to, if there’s room to take precautions, whether small or significant, strong or feeble, vast or little, we must take them immediately! Conscious of the fact that even the precautions we take are determined by our fate!

The mistake is often made in thinking precautions can change the determination!

I had written “Precautions are also from predestination” in The Great Awakening[1] 35 years ago! The world is the abode of wisdom, and everything that occurs is formed by the events that have led up to it. This is the universal system and order of Allah.

If one claims to have placed their trust in Allah without having taken any precautions, then quite obviously taking precautions has not been predetermined for them. This is also from fate.

True entrustment is to see that everything is formed with the determination of Allah. To assign Allah as your essential agent (wakil) is to activate your internal precaution mechanism – not to resort to an external god. Please try to understand this well.

The masses take precautions, but do not place their trust in Allah.

The noble don’t take precautions, they say “It is what it is” and fully place their trust in Allah.

The elite take the necessary precautions, fully conscious and in observation of the One making the determination…

This is where concealed duality is totally removed and the observer becomes Itself!

April 17, 1999, is the first day of the Islamic lunar year. The new moon is in Aries, making this year an important beginning…

The world is also moving into the Age of Aquarius. Chiron will move into Scorpio in June and give the Scorpions and the rising Scorpions a last chance to find guidance until October, before moving into Sagittarius. Here, Chiron will conjunct with Pluto and make a sextile angle with Uranus and Neptune, as it awaits the ‘White Horse’…

The chain of events that transpire reflect the will of Allah, and as they do, we shall observe, as best we can… Though the foolish don’t know that denying these cosmic effects is like denying the energy we receive from the honey we eat…

The gnostic talks about trust in Allah, putting precaution aside…

The scholar and the successor apply every form of precaution they possibly can, knowing precautions are also from the predetermination of Allah… Everything was predetermined to transpire exactly as it does, before the creation of the universe, to transpire as a single instance of creation, filtered through the creation’s concept of ‘time’… All as ‘nothing’ in the sight of the creator…

Some are going to fight and war, as per the scenario, and some are going to laugh and rejoice! And then the curtain is going to close, once again… All strength (motion, action, transformation and state of tasbih) and power (with which this is carried out) is with Allah!




[1] Chapter 18

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