Dark Clouds

The creator has created! A system is in progress. A mechanism; a living organism: the Universe! We are all in it.

There is no room for emotion in this organism. Only functions and consequences are of concern. And interactions and chained reactions like ripple effects, where every formation is an extension of another formation…

Societies are like the human body. The human body is a miniature universe.

Just like when too much bacteria accumulates in the body sickness emerges. When too much bacteria accumulates in a society, the society becomes ill. Bacteria don’t act out of emotions, they have no mercy, they only execute their function. ‘God’ believers call their god in space to account. And when they can’t understand the message, they try to find solace in Muhammad (saw) in their dreams and attempt to comfort themselves by “damning bacteria!”

Those who inject into their bodies the very germs they want to get rid of are no different to those who bombard the masses with missiles in the name of peace-making…

While hundreds of thousands of people, recently in Bosnia and today in Kosovo, were under the threat of extinction, they were consoling themselves with Sufi tales, claiming “This is the manifestation of the One, too” while eating and drinking and entertaining themselves as though they will not face the consequences of their heedless acts.

Dark, black clouds are gathering in the sky…

No account can be settled unless the bill is paid.

Those who watched the catastrophe in Bosnia will also have their turn. That account has not been settled, the bills have not been paid…

There are bills to be paid and accounts to be settled!

The mechanism is at work. The cogwheels of the mechanism have no mercy. They only know to engage with one another, smashing up whatever comes between them.

When the dark clouds release their rain, all those who stand under it will get wet. The rain doesn’t consider whether it’s falling upon the good or the bad. It just rains and wets.

Dangerous black smoke is being created by those whose functions are ‘bad.’ The sky above Europe is getting dark.

Taking advantage of this darkness in Europe, there is a group of people waiting to spread darkness to other places too. But no need to worry, clouds come and go, they are not everlasting.

Dark clouds destroy their creators first and then themselves!

And the sun will rise again, over the good. And the ill will get better…

Times will change, darkness will give way to light, the afflicted will recover, and all suffering will come to an end, giving everyone what they deserve.

There are also those who worry in respect of their human nature, but who are actually in undisturbed observation and stillness in terms of their essential reality. They quietly observe the sickness, the causers of the sickness and the ones exhausted and abolished by the sickness absolve away…

Thus is man! What has he got to give away? Some have their life. Some have an enormous world filled with possessions…

It’s said that some spirits will leave the body with great pain and difficulty, and some will abandon the body effortlessly and smoothly.

As Bill Donahue says in Zen, if you die before you’re dead, you don’t die when you’re dead.

But if you live just for profligacy and are constantly looking for ways to take advantage of people, then you are functioning as a germ. That means your way leads you to fire and burning is inevitable. As it turns out, fire is sometimes the best sterilizer.

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