Sooner or Later

Once again, in the presence of each and every one of you, I’d like to confess my inability to duly thank my Rabb!

Science has finally proven the claim I made in 1985 and wrote in my book The Mystery of Man in 1986, that “the human brain is subject to various astrological effects and is programmed with cosmic rays coming from the sun and other planets in our solar system”!

Indeed, there is no god in space with a pen in his hand, writing on the wrinkles and folds of our brain!

It’s not possible for those who can’t rid themselves of the idea of a god in space to read the system that Islam talks about… Perhaps they’re compelled to be imitators.

Let’s see how science is validating the things I wrote 14 years ago.

This is what Engin Ardic wrote about in Star Newspaper on April 11, 1999:

Maurice Cottorell, an electrical engineer and writer, was a little skeptical when examining the Van Allen Belts surrounding the earth’s atmosphere. He realized the Van Allen Belts, discovered by James Van Allen in 1957 while working for NASA, absorbed the sun’s radiation and sent it to the earth and the sun sent 12 different types of rays during a one year cycle, which created 12 different magnetic fields (these magnetic fields were discovered by British astronomer Iain Nicolson).

Twelve… Cottorell suddenly had an epiphany… The star signs are also 12 in total he thought, 12 signs associated with 12 months and 12 different magnetic fields. There’s something more to this!

After extensive research, Cottorell came across the works of Prof. A. Lieboff from Oakland University. In an experiment he conducted, Prof Lieboff found that the lighting arrangement in his laboratory had various effects on fetal cells growing in test tubes.

Based on this data, Cottorell claimed the 12 different sun rays lead to 12 different mutations in the fetal chromosomes (whether the fetus is in a test tube or in the mother’s womb) resulting in 12 different types of personalities.

And thus, the star signs!

He loaded this data into his computer and looked for correlations between certain wavelengths, sun-spots, birth dates and the behavioral effects on people. The computer verified his claim. If a fetus was conceived during the formation of a sun-spot (radiation blast), it resulted in a specific character type.

This finding was like a key unlocking an enormous castle of hidden knowledge!

I believe, in the future, this door is going to be opened even wider and many of my claims are going to be verified as true. Just as an aside, I wonder if they will ever question how it was possible that Ahmed Hulusi had written about this years before it was scientifically proven?!

What matters for now is that it has been verified that cosmic rays of the sun affect the genes, leading to specific types of mutations. At later stages, they’re going to discover that it is not only the sun, but all of the planets in the solar system that have similar effects.

And it’s not just about the point of conception, but also the 120th day after conception and the moment of birth that play important roles in terms of the programs that are received.

Sooner or later!

But slowly… Perhaps after I change dimensions! I’m 54, who knows how much longer I will live…?

Yes my friends,

I’ve explained the system I’ve ‘read’ to the best of my capacity. If you understand this system well, you’ll realize there is no deity-god in space and all the practices recommended by Islam are for your own good, as per the necessity of the system. You’ll see that the teachings of Muhammad (saw) have nothing to do with the Islam that is being preached today. And you’ll feel the need to prepare for your life after death and refrain from wasting your time on things that are not going to mean anything for you tomorrow.

Know well that true peace is only possible by ending the wars in the world and understanding the reality of Islam. If we want our problems to end, we must cleanse ourselves from the misconceived and misconstrued ‘Muslimism’ and allow ourselves to experience the ease of the essence of Islam.

Let us try to get to know Muhammad, the Rasul of Allah (saw), leaving aside the thousand year old misconceptions with which we’ve been indoctrinated.

Thank you, Engin Ardic, for making this information available to us.

Thank you, my Rabb, for confirming my statement after 14 years.



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