If a fatwa is based on a rigid-minded restricted view and goes against the reality, it will lead all its followers astray!

So we must realize the truth that:

Everything that transpired HAD TO transpire, it couldn’t have not happened! It was definitely and absolutely going to happen – regardless – and so it did! As for everything that didn’t happen, it couldn’t have happened anyway, it was only an assumption and so it did not happen!

To each individual their own creational purpose and life path, and everything that will lead to it, has been eased…

So, what kind of attitude should we have toward one who is veiled from his reality and who lives a body-centered life?

To advise the truth… It is our duty!

But if one rejects this advice, then to not persist is also our duty!

If that person’s outlook and behavior isn’t in line with ours, then we can simply say “May Allah give guidance and peace” and continue on our way…

Our paths cross with many people during our life… With some we walk together and with others, due to the difference of our creational make-up, our paths part soon after meeting… Everyone travels in the path that is in line with their creational make-up and purpose…

And yes, a day may come and you may become teary, remembering all the people that were once dear and near but who have all left your life, one by one…

Separations are inevitable my friend… They are bound to happen until our last breath… But perhaps a few friends will remain close to you, enough of them to carry you to your grave…

Ah tolerance… Tolerance…

To see the Judge behind the judgment!

To see Allah behind the Judge!

To see that even the Rasuls fulfill only their servitude…


My friend… Urgently adopt the morals of Allah and befriend the friends of Allah so the traitors around you do not cause your demise!

You may be so veiled as to throw your loved ones into the fire and then claim “This was the divine decree!”…

But the reality is:

Your end is determined by your means. That is, what you are the means for is what will determine your end.

If after knowledge has come to you, you choose to follow your transitory hankerings, you will be of those who wrong themselves.

Say, “My Rabb is Allah!” and adopt the morals of Allah so that you may judge with His Judgment.

Otherwise, you’re bound to be either a denier of reality, a wrongdoer or a corrupter.

May Allah allow us to be of those who fulfill their servitude with a lifestyle befitting vicegerents.



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