As for dualism being an unforgivable act…

A person whose life is driven by bodily stimulations rather than the essence of their consciousness, that is, the One denoted by the name Allah, squanders all their energy and thoughts on things they will indefinitely leave behind in this world. Consequently, their spirit will only be loaded with worldly data that will be totally useless in the afterlife. As they will not encounter the people and events of this world in the next, the data pertinent to this world will be rendered invalid in the next plane of existence.

Man must acquire and use the primary forces of the ‘System’ in order to survive in future dimensions!

If he allows his worldly conditionings, values and emotions to restrict himself to his body and bodily amusement then he will be automatically deprived of the qualities mentioned above.

Therefore, if we are ungrateful to the knowledge disclosed to us by the Rasul of Allah, transgressing our boundaries, we will partake in activities inducing corporeality, and thus, in the dimension where each will face the consequences of their own doings, we will live the results of duality as injustice to our selves! For, in the mechanics of the System known as sunnatullah there is neither place nor forgiveness for duality.

Allah does not favor the transgressors!

Allah does not favor the ungrateful!

Those who engage in duality and are unjust to themselves for the pleasure of a few fleeting things, will suffer eternal misery and expulsion!

Whether concealed or apparent, duality remains just that: duality!


19 June 2003

Raleigh – NC, USA

15 / 75

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