The Rasul of Allah (saw) asked forgiveness seventy times a day for even he knew he had not comprehended the essence of the Absolute Essence, which is evidently impossible.

Thus we say:

“My Rabb, increase my knowledge.”[1]

And refrain from concealed duality and wrongful assumptions. No thought, conception, idea or knowledge can ever encompass Him!

“Vision (sense perception) perceives Him not but He perceives (evaluates) all that is visible.”[2]

That is, no created entity can perceive the Creator. Is it possible for an artwork to perceive its artist?

The external is internal and the internal is external! The idea that the two are different is a misperception, an erroneous assumption due to the incapacity of the eye. We call the perceivable part of a thing ‘external’ and the unperceivable aspect ‘internal’, whereas they are in reference to the same thing! It is the eye that separates them into two different things. In reality everything is a unified whole constantly reflecting and manifesting the qualities of the One. And when all the manifestations come to an end, only Allah will remain. And even this transpires at every instance. Existence belongs to its owner. All seemingly perceivable forms are the projections of the eyes.

Whose is the sovereignty? The One who will bring all reflections to an end!


All of these are observations made as a result of the command, “Die before you die!”[3]


Dear reader…

If you cannot do something on your own then seek a learned one, one who has reached the essence! The fountain will not come to you if you are thirsty, you must seek it out! It will show you the way!

“Indeed, We have adorned earth’s heaven (configured man’s brain) with planets (astrological data) and protected it (earth’s atmosphere) from every rebellious Satan (the purified consciousness is beyond the reach of illusory impulses).”[4]

Those who have reached the essence are like the stars; they are the stars of the heaven of contemplation! They are protected from satanic impulses, vested interests and bad thoughts, and are settled in stations that even the jinn cannot reach. They have become the protected friends of Allah.

So, correct and stabilize your path with one of them.

“And He leads to the reality by the (Names comprising the essence of the) stars (the people of the reality, the hadith: ‘My Companions are like the stars; whoever among them you follow, you will reach the truth’)...!”[5]

So, if you can’t find the path then seek the stars and follow them… Let your guide be the Rasul, your master be the Quran, and your connection be to the Absolute Truth.

But remember, no mortal can be an absolute master! At most they can be the successors of the Rasul of Allah (saw), and even this is only possible for those who reflect his character.

“No more is the Rasul bound to do except provide the knowledge (of the reality and its requisites).”[6]

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[2] Quran 6:103

[3] The Bezels Of Wisdom, Ibn Arabi

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