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From The Shell to The Core

Dear reader…

These lines were written in a state of tranquility and bliss, purified from all interests of benefit, with the intention to help those who aspire to reach the ‘reality’ to have a better understanding of certain Truths.

I would like to begin with the following statement:

“They, who deny and criticize you, are those who cannot comprehend the reality, nor can they understand you… But those who comprehend the Truth neither criticize nor see any faults in anyone.”

We shall overcome many milestones, go through various stations, and reach the reality determined by our patience.

When one relinquishes his desires of interest, he reaches the station of divine governance, and when he is pleased with what comes his way, he reaches the state of a pleased servant…


The station of divine governance (amr[1]) is free from all desires and mechanisms that pertain to the material world, such as eating, drinking and sleeping…

Based on the command of the One, our Master has practiced and advised, “Address each person according to his intellect!”

Thus, those of knowledge and discernment during the time of Risalah and afterwards, have always sought to express certain Truths via metaphors and symbols. They did not attempt to explain the naked Truth, or disclose and interpret the secrets to which they had insight, but relayed it to the next person of authenticity.

In addressing those who respond to the call, “Read and try to comprehend! If you really want to have a say, first know yourself!” I would like to draw attention to the Truth that there is absolutely no difference among the creation in the sight of those who attain the reality… Indeed, all forms of existence are uniquely special.


Dear reader, know that…

Concepts and deviations such as ‘valuable’ and ‘invaluable’ are merely according to created/constructed identities! In the sight of the Creator there is only the creation. Good and bad are relative and their validity is only in respect to the creation. In the sight of the Creator, they are all one!

Man evolves to the extent that he can forego his personal ‘relative’ perceptions and ideas, which are totally relative, and annihilates himself in the sight of Allah!

Thus, the perfect man is one who neither sees nor seeks any flaws or defects in the creation. For everyone acts according to their ability to think and comprehend, and faces the consequences of their actions thusly.

We know these words will not convert the fixed beliefs and opinions of those whose natural dispositions does not allow. But it may aid those who are looking for and are destined to reach their essential reality to return to the origin of being.

The Rasul of Allah (saw) says, “O Allah, there is none to prevent what You give and none can make You give when You prevent, and none can refuse Your command! You are powerful (Qadir) over all things and do as You will!”[2]

[1] The dimension of angelic forces

[2] Sahih Muslim, Sahih Bukhari

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