Know that He does not like the dualists and does not forgive until one truly repents. More information on this can be obtained in Muhammad’s Allah.

“Assuredly, duality is a great wrongdoing!”[1]

After this you will finally reach a state where you will no longer have an identity or any attachments. Only the Creator will remain – and His will.

In this state you will begin to observe the reality, the entire existence will disappear, only Allah will remain in your sight. You will no longer be able to blame anyone or find any faults. For all things that have come from non-existence will have become non-existent. Neither the world nor the hereafter will hold any validity to you anymore…

Your eyes will see, your ears will hear, your hands will grasp, your feet will walk, your tongue will speak only Him. You will have cleansed yourself of your illusory identity, you will have annihilated yourself in Him, in a state of full acceptance.

Be careful! This pleasure does not entail blind submission. There is no room for patience here. For patience denotes accepting and tolerating something against one’s desire. Patience was encountered in previous stages, but in this stage there is nothing unpleasing! Whatever the Rabb has willed and created is beautiful and perfect. How can an artwork question its artist? When you reach this station you will no longer criticize or question anyone. Just like the Rasul of Allah (saw) who never once questioned or criticized Hadhrat Anas (ra) who served him for many years. For he knew what fate was. And this is the stage at which you will also begin to understand the mystery of fate.

Let us pause here and consider the following: Imagine two seeds that have been planted into the same soil, watered with the same water and given the same fertilizer, but one gives a shoot of wheat while the other is barley. One is sweet and the other bitter, whereas both have grown in the same soil and been subject to the same conditions. This is where ‘programming’ comes into the picture. One is programmed to be wheat, the other is programmed to be barley. This programming is what is commonly referred to as ‘fitrah’ or one’s natural disposition.

The natural disposition of an individual is basically how and why it has been created and programmed to reflect and manifest certain qualities. All seeds are fed and nourished with exactly what they need until they grow and develop to fulfill the function for which they have been created. The point at which these manifestations come to an end will mark the highest point of its evolution, at which point its sustenance will cease, and it will begin its journey back to its origin.

“Everyone acts according to his own creation program (natural disposition; fitrah).”[2]

“Indeed, We have created everything with its program (qadar – fate).”[3]

One of the other mysteries to learn at this station is about whether it is fitrah that determines one’s fate or fate that determines one’s fitrah. Or, in other words, is it knowledge that enables something to be known, or is it the knowing that leads to knowledge. Thus you will reflect the verse:

“You were certainly unaware of this (you were living in your cocoon), and We have removed from you your veil, so your sight, from this period on, is sharp.”[4]


“And He is with you (the origin of your being) wherever you are (as your reality exists with His Names)...”[5]

But beware! Maintain your humility for there are innumerable Truths of which you are yet unaware; your knowledge is still inadequate. So, contemplate on this and present your impotence to your Creator.

[1] Quran 31:13

[2] Quran 17:84

[3] Quran 54:49

[4] Quran 50:22

[5] Quran 57:4

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