Ibn Arabi talks about this Truth in his Bezels of Wisdom. How can one dare claim to be a master when he is no more than a warner, an informer, a giver of good news and a witness?

I find it fascinating that people can make such claims when the Quran does not address them as a master (murshid) and even the Rasul of Allah (saw) never made such claims!

It strikes me to see people who cannot even forego their smoking habit to claim mastership and take the role of the Quran upon themselves!

Indeed, we live in a time in which blind men are describing an elephant.

But let it be known that the time has come for all paths to merge!

Soon enough those addressed by the verse “O wrapped one”[1] will become apparent and the claimers will become evident.


Dear reader…

Seek the one who knows, one who has reached the essence, but do not become dependent on anyone! Rely only on the Rasul of Allah (saw), connect to his spirit, and take the Quran as your master and ALLAH as your friend.

The giver, whether directly or indirectly, is always Him. If the Rabb wills to give something none can prevent it. If the Rabb has not ordained something for you, then even if the entire creation comes together, they cannot give it to you.

If they can, it is only because it has been predestined for you. Every given thing is a divine reflection; you will not die until all the reflections destined for you reach you. Try and comprehend this!


Dear reader…

Words and forms are the burdens of the created.

The created give values to creation according to words and forms and appearances. But Allah is far beyond all of these. He looks not to your words and actions, but to your heart and intentions. Whether you raise your voice or secretly think of something, it is the same for Allah:

“And if you speak your thoughts (or conceal them) know that indeed He knows the secret (in your consciousness) and what is even deeper (the actual Names that compose it).”[2]

So, contemplate according to this… Think about creation in this light… Do not see anyone inferior to yourself, nor think you are superior to anyone…

You are a divine reflection just like everything else. He willed to manifest in a specific form in one place, and in a different form in another place. None can question Him as to why He does what He does.

“He is not questioned (called to account) for what He does!”[3]

Some assert there is a hadith along the lines, “Your existence is a sin that no other sin can be compared to”… The word existence in this context is in reference to the illusory identity, the ego who thinks it has a separate existence to Allah. In other words, assuming you have a separate existence, and thus causing duality, is the greatest sin.

[1] Quran 74:1

[2] Quran 20:7

[3] Quran 21:23

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