Translator's Note

This book recapitulates the primary and most essential teaching of Sufism – that everything in existence is a reflection of the divine, a manifestation of the Names of Allah.

When one begins to see the world through this lens, that is, not just as a plane of physical entities, but as the grand display of divine manifestations, something profound takes place. The notion of judgment and criticism drops completely. If one concludes that everything and everyone is the manifestation of the One – and there is no other – then, quite conspicuously, one’s very being is also an expression of no other than this One. If the invisible field of intelligence and energy, what scientists today call nonlocality, connects everything to everything and everyone else in the universe, then judging any form is judging the Divine One, or rather, judging one’s core being.

Observing existence from this perspective, one begins to appreciate all forms and reflections of the One, oblivious of conditioned beliefs, prejudices, labels and identifications.

Written in 1967, in his early twenties, this book evinces the profound insight of Ahmed Hulusi, calling the reader once again, to reassess the validity of their assumed reality within the reflections of the One.


Aliya Atalay

Istanbul, 2013

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