“Well-pleased is Allah with them, and well-pleased are they with Him (the reflections of divine qualities)...”[1]

Hadhrat Sa’d (salam upon him), the uncle of Rasulullah (saw), whose prayers were accepted without exception due to a powerful prayer of Rasulullah (saw), lost his sight in the last years of his life. They said to him, “Why don’t you pray for your sight?” His response reflected a state not easily attainable by those of discernment. He said, “I love the decree of Allah more than I love my eyes!”

Such people reflect the knowledge and tolerance of the Rabb. They take precautions. Some say people of submission do not need to take precautions. But is their submission not their way of taking precautions?

Only they know that precautions are also from predestination!

That is, whether you have taken precautions or not is also the result of fate. But you can only know your fate after you have completed the action, and hence, no one can blame fate.

So, depending on what is due to transpire, you either take precautions or you don’t. You will only understand this if you have been endowed with the program to do so.

“…He whose heart (essence) Allah has expanded towards comprehending Islam…”[2]


Dear reader…

After learning all of this, attempt to cleanse yourself. Start with:

“He who purifies (his consciousness) has succeeded.”[3]

If you feel the tendency/inclination in your heart – for intention really means a heartfelt inclination – then know that this path will have been eased for you as necessitated by your destiny. So do not waste your valuable time on that which you will regret tomorrow!

“Remember (dhikr) the qualities of the Names comprising your essence, your Rabb, and seclude yourself to Him in complete devotion.”[4]

“Allah chooses for Himself whom He wills and guides those who turn to Him to (realize their inner) reality!”[5]

Strive to be in this state. Strive so that you may turn to your essence with strength and be quick in your development. For you are on the right path; you have been given guidance as a result of your quest. Hands of support reach out to you from the inside and outside, didn’t you read the book:

“And those who strive (against their egos) to reach Us, We will surely enable them to reach Our ways (by enabling them to realize their innermost essential reality)...”[6]

Thus you will be guided to realize your innermost essential reality; the gates of understanding will have opened to you and you will have found the right path.

“Whoever is enabled by Allah to observe his innermost essential self, he is the one who reaches the reality!”[7]

After such discernment you need to be exceptionally careful not to fall into a state of duality and not confuse the cause for the causer, lest you inadvertently deify the cause!

“Do not turn to (assume the existence of) a god (exterior manifestations of power or your illusory self) besides Allah.”[8]

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