Satan was essentially asked to surpass outward appearances and while seemingly prostrating to Adam, to actually prostrate to Allah. But he could not accept what he could not see. He confined things to only that which was visible to him and denied the possibility of things outside his perception capacity. Thus he became a disbeliever, or a coverer of the Truth.

Only one who is unaware of the Truth or one who wants to protect the Truth from those who may abuse and exploit it will cover the Truth. While both of these cases entail an act of covering, the former is an act of disbelief and the latter stems from absolute awareness and pertains to the Nabis and the Truthful ones.

So, never deny anything that your mind can’t comprehend. Only say:

“We believe, all of it is from our Rabb.”[1]

And try to be of the intimates of the reality; those who have reached the essence.

Know that the one who implements his knowledge is not the one who hears, reads and learns, but the one who comprehends.

There are many people who have heard of the Truth or read the works of enlightened masters; however, being devoid of comprehension, they have failed to discern the reality, and hence sought to deny, even blame and accuse.

Do not be an imitator, but an implementer.

Do not be a narrator, but one who is narrated.


Dear reader…

It is said, “My saints are under my dome, none knows who they are”… Do you know who they are?

There are some servants who have abstained from the world and the hereafter; they have dived into the depths of the ocean and become droplets.

They have become “moralized with the morals of Allah” and they no longer have any concerns of wanting or not wanting.

When their Rabb asks them, “What would you like?” They answer, “Whatever you will,” for they have discerned in the previous stages that even to want ‘not to want’ is a form of wanting! Even this, they forgo. Can a drop ask the ocean to take it here and there? It simply goes wherever the waves take it. If the reality is the ocean, can we say the waves are the manifestations, the reflections of the divine?

These are people who live as the reflections of divine grace for the rest of creation. Grace reaches creation through them.

“Indeed, the grace of Allah is near the doers of good (the grace of Allah reaches you by the hand that delivers it).”[2]

They neither harm others nor are harmed by them. They go if you ask them to go and come if you ask them to come. Even if you were to dismiss them seventy times then ask them to come, they will come without any grudge or heartache. They are the giving hands of the Rabb; they do not take. If you were to give them a gift, they would give it out to others.

They refrain from fame and status and all sorts of labels…

They ask people to follow the Rasul of Allah (saw) and take only the Quran as master.

If you ask them a question, they will answer according to the recommendation, “Address people according to their level of intellect.”[3]

[1] Quran 3:7

[2] Quran 7:56

[3] Sahih Muslim, Abu Dawood

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